Never Run Late for School Again: Avoiding the Morning Craziness


Monday Morning Madness!

One child is missing a shoe, one is frantically searching for their library book, and you are reaching for the ziplock baggies, trying to stuff a slice of bread and turkey into one as you hear the bus drive by. I know I am not the only mama out there that runs into this issue during the school year. But you are in luck! I have found three tricks that will save you some tears and time during the hectic school mornings, so you won’t run late for school again.

Tip #1: Outfit Roll-Ups

Instead of rummaging through drawers and closets trying to find an outfit, pick the outfits for the week on Sunday night. Start with a shirt. Place bottoms on the right side, followed by the underwear and socks. Fold in half and roll them up! Label Monday through Friday and place them back in the drawers. Your mismatched sock days are over!

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Tip #2: Timers are EVERYTHING

We use the two-minute toothbrush timers and make it a game. You have two minutes to make your bed. Start your timer! Two minutes to get dressed! Two minutes to brush your teeth, GO! Your kids are ready in ten minutes. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Never Run Late for School Again: Avoiding the Morning CrazinessTip #3: Pack Lunches the Night Before

After dinner during the week, I always take ten minutes to pack lunches for the following day. If leftovers are for lunch, it is perfect timing because the food is already out. Packing lunches the night before saves me so much time in the morning and prevents me from reaching for my wallet and handing out the dough, (so it’s also a money-saving hack!)

No more hot mess mama mornings. We got this! Never be late for school again! I hope these three tips are as helpful for you as they are for our family.

Originally published August 2019.

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