3 Disgusting Reasons Moms Should Always Have a Zip-Top Bag Handy


Ok, here’s the disgusting truth you never knew you always needed. Every mom should always have a gallon size, freezer, plastic zip-top bag at the ready. Not only are these baggies ready to carry your lunch or make an impromptu shower bag while out camping in the heat, these baggies will save you from putrid smells and soggy messes. (Pictures not included for obvious reasons.) Here are the bare-naked facts:

1. Your kid is going to soil their clothing.

Maybe they’ll take an accidental dip in the duck pond at the ABQ Zoo. Or, perhaps potty training on the go will fail. It’s even possible they will find the world’s most amazing mud puddle and you won’t be able to stop them from jumping in before they realize where the water came from.

3 Disgusting Reasons Moms Should Always Have a Zip-Top Plastic Bag HandyWhatever the case, those clothes are not going to smell great. They might even be wet and drippy. You are going to want to zip them up tight in a bag that won’t leak until you can give them the good rinse they deserve. (Or until you look over your shoulder to make sure no one is looking as you throw them away in the bathroom trash can knowing that cute little outfit will never be the same again.) Yes, your child might now be wearing far less clothing than when they came in, but I’m sure you can find a spare t-shirt in the car.

2. Someone is going to puke.

At some point, someone in your vicinity (probably sitting behind you in the backseat of your freshly cleaned car) is going to say, “I don’t feel good.” You’ll look at them (a quick glance in the rearview mirror). The pale green hue of their face will alert you to the truth. The twisty turns of the mountain road you’ve been traveling have made your child car sick. You will barely have time to whip the plastic zip-top bag out of your purse and hand it to them before they start hurling into it. You’ll zip that bag right up and say, “Good riddance!” before you thank your lucky stars you had just what you needed. You’ll rustle up some Gatorade for your kid and be on your merry way. Hopefully, you won’t need to resort back to #1 if you found the bag in time for #2.

3. The final one is a “Choose Your Own” Adventure.

You and your family are out _________________ (insert event or activity you enjoy). All of a sudden, your child emphatically demands that they need to _________________ (insert action that involves some type of liquid or mushy substance). The closest area where this can be achieved is _________________ away (insert distance your child is unable to travel before the disgusting action occurs).

Do you:

A. Run for it and hope it works out “swimmingly”?

B. Tell your kid “tough nuggets” and keep on havin’ fun? or

C. Pull out your zip-top bag and take care of whatever liquid or mushy substance you encounter, toss the bag, and move on with your day?

Whatever mushy, smelly, disgusting truth you are facing . . . a zip-top bag will make things better. Trust me! Try it. You’ll see. Let me know how it goes! (Or not. I might not want to hear the disgusting truth.)


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