Why My Family Chose HOPE for Kindergarten Through High School

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Although New Mexico is ranked last in all 50 states for education, there are some good public schools near our home in Albuquerque. So when my wife suggested we consider HOPE Christian School, I wondered why. Tuition free public school versus $8-10K per year, times 2 children, for 13 years, adds up. We could have a lot of nice vacations and save a lot of money for college and retirement at that rate. Looking back, although those things are true, I am so glad we made the choice. And here’s why.

Why My Family Chose HOPE for Kindergarten Through High SchoolCharacter.

Yes, it counts. A lot. And this world seems to have fewer people displaying it. By virtue of the fact that everything at HOPE (academic subjects, athletics, etc) is viewed through the lens of Biblical worldview, Jesus’ virtues like honesty and kindness and selflessness are emphasized. No separate character education needed. It’s built-in.


I see some of my friends’ mid and high schoolers from highly rated public schools, where deadlines are soft, and the consequences for missing them are not really a thing. This is not helpful as it doesn’t prepare kids for the real world.

Senior and kinder group outside blue skiesHonoring others.

Having spent my career in law enforcement, the importance of honor is woven into my fiber. I love that honor is a big deal at HOPE. Teaching kids from a young age to honor God and each other covers just about everything they need to know about relationships. And it informs so many life skills. Whether it is honoring parents or superiors or neighbors in need, focusing on others is a great way to avoid the self-focus and entitlement that plagues some of our youth (and adults!).

Safety & Security.

The fact that HOPE has armed security on all campuses is high on the list of what HOPE parents, myself included, love about the school. They are genuinely grateful for the security presence here and the investment that the Board of Directors has made in campus security to protect the 1400+ children entrusted to them.

Biblical worldview.

Why does worldview matter? Because it matters that our kids know they were created for a purpose. And that their existence matters. That they matter. Depressing real world statistics that speak to childhood/teen anxiety, depression, and suicide tell us all we need to know about why hope matters! Which is why HOPE matters. Of course, COVID seems to have accelerated those statistics. HOPE got that right, too. They never missed a beat and remained open for in-person, daily education while most others shut down.

Audrey Kelch and nephewIs HOPE perfect? Absolutely not.

But in the imperfect world that me and my family and friends live in, HOPE Christian School seems to get an awful lot right. My wife and I are thankful that we had the choice and made the financial sacrifice to send our kids to HOPE. Not just during the COVID years. But all the years . . . from kinder through high school. There is no price tag on a well-balanced, well-rounded, well-educated, confident almost-adult child that will soon be college-bound and will need to make wise choices daily to succeed outside the nest.

Priceless, actually.

HOPE Christian School is hosting two OPEN HOUSE events. The first is November 17th for middle and high school students. And the second is on November 18th for preschool and elementary.  To learn more about the HOPE and register to attend either Open House, please visit their website.

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