Tutoring & Learning Styles: It Matters!

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As a premier tutoring service, Tutor Doctor Albuquerque recognizes that every student is unique! We love going the extra mile to bring our students success. One of the ways we do this is by discovering and working with each student’s individual learning style. One of a dozen different data points, our Learning Style Assessment is an integral part of our consultation process and invaluable in identifying an ideal tutor match for your child and their learning style. We would love to show you the Tutor Doctor difference!

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Here is what a few of our tutors have to say about our individual-based learning styles approach to tutoring:

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What does it look like as a tutor to cater to an individual student’s learning style?

Liz: I’m a visual learner, and most of my students are visual learners. I make use of games like tic-tac-toe or whiteboards to draw or illustrate to engage their visual strengths.

Annie: Being aware of what a student responds to best is important. Use of games and tactile activities for young kids is generally true. But understanding where a student is at any given point is important. I try to funnel the things that distract them. If they doodle, I guide them into drawing their work as part of their learning style.

Julia: Connecting with a student and their style and having them connect with it is foundational to a successful learning experience. When something clicks, they want more of it.

Cynthia: I work with mostly young kinesthetic students. Getting to know what works for them is huge. We will often use a whiteboard where students explain as they demonstrate their work.

How have you observed your students respond as you’ve modified your tutoring to their learning styles?

Liz: Activities like those I mentioned above engage students with active participation and there tends to be more energy and excitement. It’s a very discernable difference that makes lessons more interesting and meaningful for the students. And it’s more rewarding for me.

Annie: I notice students respond in a positive way. It becomes something they enjoy versus a chore. They are acquiring learning without realizing it. There’s excitement.

Julia: As they develop their own learning skills via their preferred learning style and other learning styles as well, one of the biggest benefits I have witnessed is growth in self-advocacy.

Cynthia: Students tend to be more enthusiastic about what they have learned and their ability to remember is greater. And students tend to advocate more for themselves.

What benefits have you experienced because of tutoring in this way?

Liz: Catering to a student’s learning style is very necessary. It has a positive impact on student engagement. Working together on assignments or homework becomes much less a chore and is certainly more enjoyable for us all.

Annie: Instead of teaching in a way that says “don’t”, I am able to incorporate a positive learning experience. This approach gets more ah-ha moments from students, and that is invigorating and affirming. I am having a positive experience because a student is demonstrating that my instruction is getting through.

Julia: When connecting with a student’s learning style, they often discover new ways of looking at and solving problems. When their own self-awareness grows, so does their ability to apply what they are learning to other aspects of life.

Cynthia: Great student learning experiences translate into great client relationships that keep learning collaboration going. Students tend to come to sessions more prepared and excited about asking questions and sharing what they have learned. As a result, we all have more fun!

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