The Mega List of At-Home Educational Resources


I know there’s been a lot of stress around schools closing. Everything feels unsure and parents are worrying about their kids missing class over the next few weeks. As a result a lot are looking for educational resources.

Just a note before we get started:

We are in unusual territory here. But we are ALL in the same boat. 

As a daughter of educators, wife of an educator, and former educator myself, let me just reassure you for a minute . . .

Educational Resources for Families During COVID-19 School Closures :: Albuquerque Moms Blog

Your child’s teachers, both present and future, are FULLY aware of what is happening. They are already thinking about how this will affect their students and their education. Teachers will not expect your child to come back having learned all the curriculum.

In education we are always changing based on our students’ needs. And we will continue to do so.  

Don’t feel a need to shoulder the burden of completing your child’s school year.

Teachers will be working with each other to help catch students up and alter their plans in the future based on whatever happens in the next few months. Teachers want your child to succeed, and we will work to help ease the impact of this closure.

That being said, there is value in continuing to give your child structure and opportunities to learn during this time.

Learning doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom.

So yes! Let’s take this chance to learn together with our kids. But let’s not make it an obligation that creates more stress during an already stressful time.

If you’re wanting to bring a little bit of school into the day there are a ton of free educational resources you can use.

Educational Resources for Families During COVID-19 School Closures :: Albuquerque Moms Blog

Reading Resources

Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Public Library Although our public libraries are closed at this moment, they have TONS of digital resources you can use. Download eBooks and audio books for your family to read solo and together.

Storyline Online:  This website has videos with actors reading books for children. I used this all the time as a teacher and librarian!

International Children’s Digital Library:  Access to digital books for free.

Storynory:  This website has lots of audio stories. These don’t include illustrations; they are simply audio.

National Geographic Young Explorer:  This online magazine from National Geographic will be a great read for younger kids. You can access older issues as well.

BookFlix:  Sign up for a free trial with Scholastic. I love how it pairs fiction and nonfiction texts for young readers!

Headsprout: This program has interactive lessons that teach kids reading fundamentals and comprehension skills.

mega list of educational resources, ABQ Moms

Virtual Field Trips

Yellowstone National Park:  Take a virtual tour of Yellowstone.

Access Mars:  Take a tour of Mars via NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Animal Cameras:  Several zoos have cameras on their animals that you can stream! San Diego Zoo live cams, Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams, Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam, Houston Zoo live cams, Georgia Aquarium live cams

U.S. Space and Rocket Museum:  This father and son took video on their visit to the museum. You can check out the Saturn 5 Rocket!

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips:  DE has several videos you can check out for virtual field trips. Visit polar bears and learn about the tundra, take STEM tours, and more.

Great Wall of China:  Take this virtual tour of the Great Wall of China.

Museum sign

Museum Virtual Tour

Boston Children’s Museum:  This museum is designed to help children learn through play. You can take a virtual tour here.

British Museum:  Take a tour of various artifacts and exhibits in the British Museum. The level of language is best for older students, but parents could do ti with younger kids.

National Gallery of Art:  This museum in Washington, DC has two virtual exhibits.

Musee d’Orsay:  You can take a virtual tour of the museum that houses works of art from famous French artists.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art: This Korean art museum has a virtual tour.

Pergamom Museum:  This museum in Berlin has many ancient artifacts.

The J. Paul Getty Museum:  Take a street view tour to discover art, photographs, and more.

Google Arts & Culture: Using this website you can do virtual tours of museums and famous historical landmarks across the globe without leaving your couch.

Streaming Educational Classes

Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Gardens:  The Cincinatti Zoo will do a Facebook live every day at 1pm MST to teach about animals.

Ivy League Courses:  The Ivy League Schools offer over 400 free online courses in computer science, data science, art and design, and more! These would be great for high school students.

Khan Academy:  Khan Academy has tons of lessons, resources, and videos for free.

Educational Resources for Families During COVID-19 School Closures :: Albuquerque Moms Blog

Other Educational Resources

Starfall:  This website has lesson plans, activity pages, and tons of printable items.

Prodigy:  A curriculum aligned math platform for grades 1st – 8th.

ABCya!:  Contains games and activities for kids based on grade level.

San Diego Zoo:  The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with information on animals, stories, videos, activities, and games.

PBS Kids PBS Kids has lots of videos, activities, and games for kids.

National Geographic Kids:  Nat Geo has games, activities, and videos for kids.

Exploratorium:  This public learning laboratory has tons of educational resources to learn online. They also have science videos and resources related to COVID-19 if your older kids are wanting to know more.

Smithsonian Learning Lab:  Tools and resources for history, art, culture, and science.

NASA Kids Club:  Lots of science and space resources for kids.

American Chemistry Society:  Access to free content on chemistry concepts.

Breakout EDU:  They are normally a subscription but have put together a collection of free educational games for kids due to school closures.

CK-12:  Due to school closures they are giving access to tons of content on school topics for grades K-12. There are links to see digital textbook sections on various topics. This would be great for older (middle and high school) students!

Scholastic Learn at Home:  Scholastic has lessons for Grades 1-2 and Grades 3-5 and higher! It covers all the subjects your kids would be taking at school.

Scholastic Watch and Learn:  Videos and activities on lots of topics. (Use the username “Learning20” and password “Clifford”)

Do you have any educational resources you’ve found?

Share them in the comments below!

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the mega list of at-home educational resources