Summer Coding Camp for Your Wiz Kid

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For some people, puzzles are fun . . . a “mystery” to be revealed by careful investigation. Some lean towards engineering, some sports, art, communications, science . . . you get my point. We are all different from birth (genetics), through our formative years (nurture), and even in adulthood as we learn, we change. We all learn differently, while manifesting specific gifts and preferences.

Studies show when children are exposed to a different language early, they learn it faster and are more fluent. With regards to computer languages, the same holds true. For kids with a talent or preference for this, even more so. Did you notice how easily they took to your smartphone?

Our world is becoming increasingly more digital and automated. As new computer technologies emerge and our behaviors change, software coding will be more in demand than ever. In tomorrow’s job market, compensation will reflect that demand. In other words, the more fluent, the more money one can make.

Summer Coding CampThis brings me to a question for moms everywhere. Have you noticed in your child a talent for language, puzzles, or building things that perform a task? Would you like them to meet other kids with similar interests and learn to collaborate with them on fun projects? If so, then maybe a summer coding camp is a good fit for fun with lasting benefits! Proverb: If the shoe fits, how happy the foot that wears it!

Summer Coding Camps

There are a few companies that provide summer coding camps. Tutor Doctor (here in Albuquerque) has online camps held from mid-June through mid-August. Other companies have programs that vary by dates and length. Coding camps are available for kids as young as seven. Here are a few tips. Whichever camp you decide on, make sure:

  • It is age appropriate.
  • The schedule works for them. It is easy to fall behind your peers if you miss too many sessions.
  • There is live collaboration, and with no more than 4 students per instructor . . . too many chefs spoil the dish 😊
  • Finally, your child has access to a PC or Mac (laptops are fine). Chromebooks and other tablets will not work.

Even if your child doesn’t grow up to be a professional coder, they will have fun, develop communication and collaboration skills, and sharpen their deductive skills. All good things, right?

To learn more and register for Tutor Doctor’s coding camp, click here to visit the Code Wiz website.