Schooling Your Littles at Home? Try This Easy Planner!


Are you homeschooling your children? I have created easy “Daily, Weekly, and You Did It” printable planner to use to help organize kids’ learning.

As a former educator and type A personality…ahem…I NEED to write down my thoughts and plans. Writing down exactly what I need to do in a planner helps me to stay organized. I also find personal joy in checking off my to-do lists.

Maybe you’re like me, or maybe you just need a simple planning page for what you want your day to look like for your littles. Below I will include each page that I created just for you! I will include a few ideas of what may help as you plan your “day for homeschooling.”

 1. What you’ll need:

  • A three-ring binder
  • printer
  • A three-hole punch

Weekly Plan!

Schooling Your Littles at Home? Try This Easy Planner!

2. The weekly outlook page is intended to help you lay out what you want to accomplish overall for just that week alone. I have also found that trying to take on too much can often feel overwhelming, but a weekly plan may feel more attainable.

Plan It!

Schooling Your Littles at Home? Try This Easy Planner!


3. The “Day Plan” is a great tool to use to keep your day on track. I have three small preschool-aged children at home, and we have fallen into our own routine that works for us. If you write out your day (noting how much time things take), that can really help give you an idea of how much time you may need in an area of the day.

Planning ahead for activities is a great way to make sure you have all the materials you need. I added a place for you to plan which books to read to your children. Set aside time to read books before nap time or just use this space as an added reminder to READ.

You Did It!

Schooling Your Littles at Home? Try This Easy Planner!

Last but not least!

Here is a simple “You Did It” page! There are spaces to write your child’s name as well as days of the week boxes. You can use star stickers or (any stickers of your choice) to mark off the days you completed your tasks.

Remember, scheduling isn’t for everyone and that is OKAY! But if you need some extra help laying out the day, give this planner a try! They are simple but might help.

I talk a lot on Instagram (@RoxyBarry) about homeschooling ideas for preschool-aged children! Happy learning!

Below are the links to the 2021 Homeschooling Planner pages I created for you. Enjoy!

Cover Page

Weekly Planning Page

Day Planning Page

You Did It Page

If you are doing remote learning with your children, here are some other helpful organizational tools.