Kindergarten: A Bittersweet Transition


The countdown to Kindergarten is almost over, and in a few short days I will be walking my baby into school for the very first time.  It is impossible for me to put into words how I feel about this new season of life; but I know I can’t be the only Mom who has struggled with sending her child to school for the first time.  If I have learned anything over the last six years of parenting, it is that often times the big changes are both bitter and sweet.

For six years I, along with my Husband, have been the keeper of the schedule, the teacher, the playmate, and the question answerer for my son.  Don’t get me wrong, some of these duties I’m thrilled to share (I’ll let you guess which ones). But it is also hard to let go.  Once school starts, we will no longer have the luxury of staying in jammies a little longer than we should. Our vacation schedule will fall in line with the school calendar. And I will actually have to wake a sleeping baby to get everyone out the door on time!  My little man will come home with new friends, new jokes, and new knowledge of things we have been desperately trying to keep from him (like Pokemon and Minecraft)!  The questions that fly at me non-stop will be directed toward someone else for a chunk of the day. Which means a new voice will be teaching and influencing my son’s inquisitive mind.

Moms:  Can we all just agree that is a lot of change?

Stay with me here because it’s not all bitter, you know.  There is a lot of sweetness to be savored with every new season and the excitement of a new school year is not lost on me.


The start of Kindergarten also means shopping for school supplies, the beginning of fall, (legging season!), cooler weather, balloon fiesta, making new friends, and exciting new adventures.  Yes, our schedule might change a bit but what kind of mom would I be if I couldn’t roll with some changes every now and then?  New friends will be a breath of fresh air for my little guy, who truly loves to meet new people.  Some of my dearest friends are those I have known since kindergarten. And I can’t help but wonder what special people he will meet in the first days and weeks of school.  New teachers will get to challenge the things my son already knows, and teach him more of the things he is so curious about.

Mamas, this is a big transition for all of us!  I can’t help but think this is one of those situations where we just have to embrace it all.  The bitterness, the sweetness, the change.  We are all in this together. And if I were sitting across from you right now, I’d give you a big old solidarity fist bump.

Kindergarten, here we come!