GoPeer: Affordable Tutoring that Gave My Child Confidence

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My third child is in fourth grade, which means I’m on my third go-round in the fourth-grade math book our elementary school uses. And I have a distinct memory of chapter 9, which is on measurement conversions.

How many liters are in a gallon?

How many millimeters are in three meters?

(I really don’t know the answer to either of those, which is why I’m thankful for my BFF, Google.) I remember my two older kids struggling with this chapter and having to re-take chapter 9 tests. And here we are again!

I was an English major, so it’s about fourth grade when I tap out as math homework helper and go in search of assistance elsewhere.

GoPeer tutoring

Enter GoPeer!

During the dreaded fourth-grade math chapter 9, my daughter and I were given the opportunity to try GoPeer, a virtual tutoring platform.

GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students. It’s like face timing with a super-smart big brother or big sister.

I was a tad apprehensive after so much online school last year; however, the 1 on 1 experience made this model so much better than attending an online class. There are even advanced classroom tools built into the platform. For instance, a tutor or student can draw on a “whiteboard” to work out a math problem.

There are so many situations that might make GoPeer a good fit for your family.

  • You want tutoring that’s flexible that fits your schedule without having to drive one more place.
  • Perhaps your student is behind because of virtual school last year due to COVID.
  • Maybe your student struggles with a particular subject and could use some one-on-one assistance.
  • Maybe your child learns best from someone else (not his or her parent).
  • Perhaps your student has learning differences or special needs.

GoPeer Tutoring

The GoPeer Process

Signing up with GoPeer was easy. They even have an app if you want to use your phone instead of a computer.

First, I registered on the website. I chose from over 150 subjects and entered our availability. We were quickly matched with many verified and experienced tutors.

My daughter and I chose a tutor who attends Cornell University who has lots of experience in helping elementary students with math. We met for a free 15-minute introductory meeting and then scheduled our first session.

I took photos of some of the math pages that my daughter was studying for an upcoming test. And together they reviewed the whole chapter. Oftentimes, studying for math tests can result in frustration in our house. But after her one-hour GoPeer session, I can’t underestimate the confidence my little girl feels going into her math test today. What a win! In fact, my daughter is asking when she can meet with her tutor again.

Each lesson is even recorded so we could back and watch it again as a refresher if necessary.

How Much Does GoPeer Cost?

I know that tutoring can be a huge investment. However, GoPeer is more affordable than most extracurricular activities. Their goal is to make high-quality tutoring accessible to all students.

Their rates are $10 for 30 minutes and $20 for 1 hour.

Or you can purchase an annual membership for $24/month. A six-month membership is $36/month or if you want to go month to month, it’s $48/month. These memberships come with so many perks including that they cover all the kids in your family!

Check out this special offer for our readers!

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go peer tutoring

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