Getting Organized for At-Home Learning {Includes Kids’ Daily Schedule Printable}


Are you ready for a new type of schooling? Whether you are a veteran homeschooler or new to homeschooling or virtual learning, this year is going to teach us all to make many adaptations to our daily lives. And we’ll need to rethink how our children learn.









Getting prepared for a new school year usually brings up so many exciting emotions. Who will the kid’s new teachers be? What friends will they make? The fun of picking out so many fun new school accessories.

This year has been so different.

My kids began virtual learning last week. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit the beginning of this school year hit me like a train.

I was quickly scrambling to figure out who needed to be logged in where, what documents needed printing, and the passwords. Oh man, remembering all the passwords. I quickly realized I needed a system to help my kids learn independence in their schooling, and to give me time to work. (Even if it’s for just a few minutes a day).

Alas, an organizational kids’ daily schedule, perfect for young learners, was born.

Each day we go through and add each scheduled event, fill the spaces in between with assignments that need to get done that day. In the right column is a place for notes, daily goals, fun water drops waiting to be colored to encourage hydration, a spot to add important things happening that day, and a box for the elective of the day.

So far my kids are still needing extra support while getting used to this new normal. But with time we will all find a rhythm in this crazy new world.


kids daily schedule

Click here to download the Kids’ Daily Schedule Printable.

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Getting Organized for At-Home Learning {Includes Kids Daily Schedule Printable}


  1. Lauren, This is really a gift to parents!! I love that the intention is to give the kids ownership of their day, so they can tick things off the list and see what tasks are coming up. I NEED to figure out how to get work done while my 7-year-old navigates her virtual school experience. This will be a helpful tool for us both–thank you!

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