Finding the Right Tutor & Asking the Right Questions

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Education has changed more quickly than we could have envisioned just one year ago.  Parents have been forced to adjust to a new reality: juggling work, bills, shopping, family activities, and now even more of the workload for their children’s education.

The normal learning environment for teachers and students has been upended, and hastily applied “remote learning” solutions have been found to be less than stellar. Have I summarized this fairly?

finding the right tutorEnter the Private Tutor

“Ah, but how do I find a great tutor”?  I’m glad you asked. 😊

An even better question to ask is: “How do I find the right tutor for my child?”

Students have different learning styles, personalities, thinking processes, and attention spans. Some are kinetic learners, some auditory, and some visual. Ideally, you want a tutor who thinks like your child. One with the right methods, personality, and similar interests who can convey concepts in a way your child understands best. You with me so far? Great!

Here are some helpful tips and questions for finding an ideal tutor-student match

  • Is the tutor properly vetted? Has there been a recent criminal background check?
  • Does the tutor or tutoring company have the proper insurance? What if they get hurt in your home?
  • Is there a large pool of tutors to choose from? What if a tutor does not work out or schedules change, making sessions inconvenient?
  • Do you have a preference regarding age, gender, or core values? This could affect how easily your child interacts with and relates to the tutor.
  • Can the tutor perform both in-home and online tutoring?  What if your family wants to take a vacation? Skills and concepts can be forgotten and progress lost if there are long times between sessions.

finding the right tutorAssessments are Key

  • You will want a consultation in which the tutor or company asks all the right questions to get to know your child, your family, and your concerns with the goal of making the correct assessment regarding the student-tutor match. Ideally, it should last at least an hour with your child present.
  • How far will they go to identify the specific skills and concepts your child may be missing before giving their recommendation? Do they consider grade level assessments, academic diagnostic exams…etc?
  • What resources can the tutor or company bring to accomplish this? Do they have a track record of success? What do their Google and Facebook reviews say?

Always remember, you get what you pay for! Bargain hunting for a tutor is not in your child’s best interest. The right tutor can accomplish superior results in far less time than a mediocre one.

I hope these tips will help if you find the need for a private tutor.