A Teacher’s Advice To Parents During School Closures


All New Mexican school kids are (temporarily) homeschool kids. 

I’m a teacher and just learned that students will be missing several weeks of school without the option of making up that learning time. I won’t be able to help them get ready for next school year as well as I had hoped.

So here are a few things I hope each of my students can do while we are apart to help them get ready for next year!

a teacher's advice for parents during school closures

1. READING – Every day.

At their reading level. For at least 45 minutes spread throughout the day.

2. WRITING – Every day.

My second graders are practicing 3-paragraph essays. Kindergarteners can work on sentence formation. Fifth grade should be writing excellent 5-paragraph essays. EVERY DAY! Here are some tips for paragraph writing.

3. MATH – Every day.

Add, subtract, multiply, count all the walls in the house, Measure all the floorboards. Count the door knobs (while they wipe them down). AND they can play games! They can pull out a game with dice or logic (Connect 4, Monopoly, Battleship) and play!child playing connect 4 albuquerque mom's blog 

4. Exercise

Run! Do push-ups. Kick a soccer ball. Jump-Rope. Ride a Bike. Learn to hula-hoop! Play a video game that REQUIRES MOVEMENT like Just Dance 2020 or Sports Champions.

5. ART

Draw, color, paint, and fold paper! Art teaches us many important life lessons! Perhaps we all need a bit of art to help us through. A Teacher's Advice To Parents During School Closures

There are TONS of online sites and applications that parents can sign their children up for. Many of them are offering free trials right now. If parents need help getting just-right, grade-level tools for their child, they can try HeadSprout, Khan Academy, Prodigy, Edgenuity, or PBS Learning. These are just a FEW of the MANY options out there.

Parents can also check out the state standards and then do an online search of the standard to see what hands-on ideas others have tried.

If anyone needs help coming up with some at-home reading, writing, or math strategies for their crazy kiddos to practice so they don’t fall behind, let me know.

I know some awesome teachers who are wondering what to do with themselves for the next three weeks. We have laptops and we know how to use them! We’ll all do our best to help each other out.

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A Teacher's Advice To Parents During School Closures