1 Easy Way to Support Your Child’s Learning this School Year

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As a mom, it breaks my heart to say this, but as an educator, I have to tell you what we are seeing. Over the past 18 months, our kids have largely taken a hit to their learning foundations. This is expected during the regular summer learning slide. But with COVID the situation has been exasperated.

Some kids do well with self-directed learning at home. But the truth is, many, including my own do not. . . . Those kids are going to have a bigger challenge as they enter into the new school year.

My Top Back-to-School To-Do

My family is already starting to feel that anticipatory excitement for back-to-school. I have checklists for school supplies. I’m thinking about what our new daily schedule will look like in a few weeks. And we have a few lingering fun things on our summer bucket list. The back-to-school to-dos can feel never-ending. But a top priority of mine is to learn how to best support both of my learners academically.

With Tutor Doctor Albuquerque‘s free grade level assessments, you as a parent can be better informed about where your child is academically.

And, as we moms ready them for entry into the new school year, this powerful diagnostic tool is at our disposal. Every child is unique. And any academic regression whether due to the very real summer learning gap or virtual learning fatigue can be readily identified in a detailed multi-page report. Pinpointing areas where they need a little extra help can assist you and their new teacher in supporting their learning (and avoiding unnecessary homework struggles those first few weeks of school).

Whether your child seems to be functioning at grade level or not, with Tutor Doctor Albuquerque‘s data-driven, grade level assessment you’ll know with certainty how your child is performing and what specific support may be needed. In other words, you will have the information to back up your mom intuition and the tools to make sure this next year is as successful as it could be.