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My firstborn came into the world the old-fashioned way and my second baby was born via C-section. I had a choice with my next little guy. . . a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) or a repeat C-section. To most people’s surprise, I chose a repeat of the amazing medical marvel that is a Cesarean birth.

My Repeat Cesarean

On a warm, bright October day, my husband and I dropped our older boys off with my mom. Then we headed to the hospital to check in for my repeat C-section. The nurse wrote down my name and info on her clip board. She asked a few brief questions about why I was there to have my babe at 36 weeks on the dot. (Cholestasis of pregnancy is why.) And then we were shown to a triage room. I put on the ugly yellow gown. (WHY are they the most unflattering shade?) And sat on the bed. I started to feel anxious as we waited. “How I Met Your Mother” was on TV, but it was barely a distraction.

The nurse prepped me for surgery. The anesthesiologist (aka my new best friend) walked in and we talked about my greatest desire: I did NOT want to throw up! She was amazingly prepared for all my questions. Solidifying her new “bestie” status, she gave permission for my mom to be with us in surgery! 

It was surreal to walk myself to the operating room. Once inside, I climbed on the bed. The nurse helped me hunch over for my spinal block. Once it was in, my husband and mom were able to be there. The nerves hit when they put up the blue drape. The overhead light reflected what was happening to my abdomen a little too well. I squeezed my mom’s hand so hard. 

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“You’re just going to feel a little bit of pressure,” has to be the understatement of the decade. My OB said that to me both times I had a C-section, and both times it was a LIE. After a LOT of pressure, tugging, and the weirdest swooshing sensations, the baby was out. Time stopped.

After a few seconds, I heard the tiniest, squeakiest little cry. I couldn’t believe my little baby was finally here. After multiple miscarriages and a nerve-wracking high risk pregnancy, relief just flooded over me. We made it! 

Since my son was born early, he went to the recovery room with my husband so he could stay warm. My new BFF gave me some “good stuff” in my IV. I just felt relaxed and happy the rest of the surgery. I only have vague memories of my mom asking to see my placenta (lol) and me asking not to see it. Once in recovery, I was able to hold and feed my little guy. He was absolutely perfect!

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Grateful and Blessed

My C-section was such a great experience. It’s amazing that we live in a day and age where babies can be safely guided into the world. Gratitude overwhelmed me.

After going through so much to get my little guy here, his birth was a controlled experience that put my heart at ease.

We were both healthy as could be and recovery went smoothly. I absolutely loved both of my C-sections and have no regrets over choosing one for my third birth.

Birth is a fickle life event. Sometimes moms need extra help to get their little ones here safely. In addition to being a life saving intervention, a C-section can also be a wonderful experience.