Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does)


Time changes all . . . and thank goodness it does.

Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does) from Albuquerque Moms BlogCan you imagine being married to the same guy you met way back whenever that was? That guy didn’t even know how to use a washing machine or a lawnmower. Can you imagine working with the same co-worker who still knows as little as she did on day one? Time changes everything!

In some situations, the passing of time and the onslaught of change is painful.

I was so excited for my children to learn to use words and talk. Then, they learned a few phrases. Before I knew it, they were talking nonstop and saying things like, “Duh, mom.” Or, “But you promised…” Then I wish we could go back to those days when they were cute and snuggly, and all they needed was hugs.

Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does) from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Likewise, it’s hard to watch loved ones grow old or frail and know that their time with us is limited. It’s hard to see your hair turn gray or go bald, to see wrinkles appear, or joints that hurt and realize it’s a sign of the passing of time, of life’s frailty.

In other situations, the passing of time is a beautiful thing.

It brings about change that is so necessary. It allows us to feel like we aren’t going to be stuck in the same monotonous, tiring cycle indefinitely. There is something better over the horizon. We just have to make it a bit longer. That’s how it felt as my kids were learning to read. Those first few stages were painful, but nothing could hurry it up. Each child takes as long as each child needs. And when the change finally arrives, everyone can rejoice.

I remember feeling similar feelings just after my twins were born. They had arrived earlier than expected, and thus needed to stay in the NICU for awhile. I was so disappointed. I had waited so long for their arrival. We had tried to have children for over seven years, and when they had arrived, they were taken from me and placed under lock and key. I was so frustrated and felt as if they would never be mine, would never come home. A friend told me to look around the NICU, to look and find the toddlers and young children. I didn’t see any. She told me that’s because the little ones DO go home. They don’t live in the NICU forever. Give it the time it needs and change will come. In that situation, time seemed to move so slowly. Each second dragged by until finally our babies were our own and we brought them home.

Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does) from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Now, time is flying by. I’m constantly grasping for each moment; to enjoy my children and the joy, the excitement, and the wonder they exude for life.

Time isn’t something I can control. I can’t speed it up or slow it down at will.

It’s just something I have to be aware of. I have to acknowledge that time is passing, and once it’s gone, I can’t ask for it back again. So, I’m choosing to enjoy and appreciate the changes the passing of time brings along with it. I’m going to enjoy each new thing my children learn. I’m planning to appreciate each new song we learn to sing, each new book we read, each new food we try together, and each new life lesson that envelops us.

Here’s to the passing of time and all that it brings, wrinkles included!

Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does) from Albuquerque Moms Blog