Thank You for Seeing Me in the Midst of Motherhood


As I think about literally ALL the things (including the birth of my 3rd baby)  I cant help but feel a tug on my heart to say thank you for seeing me. Because honestly, I don’t know how I made it through the year. 

You see, I bet we all have that person. That ONE person who knew us before a tiny human called us mom. That one person who knew what our dreams about life and love were. That person who holds our hand through life’s transitions into motherhood, wifehood, and life in general.

That person can be anybody in your life, and for me it’s my best friend, my person, my “Christina Yang” if you will ( Grey’s Anatomy fan here). The only person who still sees ME before all of my new identities. 

Mamas, I don’t think I have to tell you how hard AND lonely motherhood can be, especially if you’re a SAHM. Your world literally revolves around little ones 24/7. I am so incredibly blessed to able to stay home and raise my children and not miss a milestone. However, in the middle of the bliss, sometimes comes loneliness.

And as a spicy Latina, I literally hate to ask for help. I’d rather rally through whatever it is and call it a day. But that’s where she comes in. I don’t know what it is, but when I’m really feeling pulled in 30 different directions and on the verge of crying my eyeballs out, she always calls or texts at the right moment.

“I’m going over.” 

“I wanna see the kids” 

“Open the door, I got your Caramel Macchiato.” 

“I miss you.” 

“You’re the best mom.” 

“Lets go to Target.”

thank you to my person, abq moms


You saved me.

When I say I don’t know how I made it through this year, I literally mean it. This year alone was filled with so many highs and lows. I married my soul-mate, my baby became a toddler, and my oldest is 5 going on 12. Then let’s add being pregnant. There were days I counted down the minutes until bedtime just so I could breathe. There were days I felt like Super Mom and days where I second guessed myself in every which way.

But there she was. To remind me of who I am as a person. As a woman. Not only as a mom or as a wife.

We talk about all the things and laugh like school girls until we can’t stop all the while our kids look at us like we’re insane. And we love it. It’s those moments that keep me going. I love being a mom and a wife. I love being me. In whatever season there’ll always be some hardships but when you have that one person (besides my husband, obviously) life is so much better! Every mama needs a friend like this. Truly. 

So as we enter into a new year, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Without you seeing me. Here’s to another year filled with laughter, girls night, play dates, lunch, coffee, random crafting days, babies, celebrations and so on! 

Thank you for seeing me in the midst of Motherhood, ABQ Moms