Stop the Meme to Get Things Done


Memes seem to be absolutely everywhere.

Every time you open up social media or the internet there is some new meme about something. There are even entire Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing memes about a certain topic. And I get it. They can be funny. I’ve definitely laughed looking through them.

But how many times have you sat down and scrolled through meme after meme after meme only to look at the time and realize 30 minutes have passed (or longer)?

Albuquerque Moms Blog - Stop the Meme

How many times have you also said, “I don’t have time to exercise.” “I wish I could learn ….” “Why does she have her act together and I don’t?” Or something along these lines?

Yep. Those 30 minutes you spent looking at memes? You could have gotten a quick at-home workout done. You could have read a book. Maybe you could have prepped for the day. You could have painted your nails or done your makeup. You could have meditated to feel calmer.

Albuquerque Moms Blog - Stop the Meme The thing that I am really tired of seeing with these memes? Negativity. Especially the ones related to motherhood and kids.

We all want to be happy moms who are present and loving with our kids and showing up as our best selves for them.

Motherhood is a gift.

But if you fill your mind with even a few of these memes that depict motherhood as something negative, you are guaranteed to start thinking of it that way.

I know all memes aren’t bad. There are some that have great little reminders and inspiring quotes. Those I’m good with (in moderation). But the ones that just have no point and no positivity? Like, why? Seriously. Why are we wasting our time with this?

The internet can be such a great tool. It provides us so much information, and more importantly, it can connect us. Let’s connect over it, but with a positive spin!

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Stop the Meme to Get Things Done


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