Nursing :: I Breastfed in Public…and Nothing Happened


Nursing in public terrified me as a new momma. I read all the horror stories. Saw all the pictures of “warrior moms” fighting the system, defying critics, and feeding their babies anyway. Certain a stranger was going to yell at me, I struggled with covers, sat in corners, and pumped bottles ahead of time whenever I could. It was exhausting.

And it was unnecessary. Because the truth is, these stories are the anomalies.

So, new nursing moms, here’s my story: I breastfed in public . . . and nothing happened.

Except of course, that my baby got fed.

Three babies in, and I’ve finally accepted the fact that most people couldn’t care less. Not convinced? Here’s a list of the places I’ve nursed, without a cover, and without incident:

  • A park bench
  • My son’s preschool classroom
  • At the library during story time
  • In an airport
  • On a full plane
  • At church during service
  • While hiking Bandelier National Monument (first with a Moby wrap and then in a cliff dwelling when baby was tired of having the wrap blocking his view)
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • In front of my Dad, Father-in-law, brother…

    Nursing: I Breastfed in Public and Nothing Happened from Albuquerque Moms Blog

You get the picture. I get around.

There are so many challenges that come along with becoming a mom. Don’t add nursing in public to your “worry list.” It’s not worth it.

Your baby doesn’t like eating with something covering his face (who would)? Just ditch the cover. You don’t want sit in a room by yourself for half the party while you breastfeed? Then don’t!Nursing: I Breastfed in Public and Nothing Happened from Albuquerque Moms Blog

There’s about a *95%  chance nothing will happen. And even if some goofball says something, wouldn’t you rather hear (and ignore) his complaint than listen to your little one cry?

I get it. Nursing can feel awkward, especially at first. So instead of worrying about normalizing it for everyone else with protest articles and pictures of that one time something went wrong, I’m going to come along side new mommas and share a more positive (and likely) reality. #fedmybabyandnoonecomplained

Who’s with me?

*Like far too many statistics out there, this one is made up. But I believe it’s pretty darn accurate.

Originally published June 2017.


  1. Tacheny, Thank you for sharing this! As a new mom-to-be, this has definitely been on my mind. I appreciate the encouragement and positive experience–it seems like all you hear are stories of people so dedicated to fighting to “normalize” breastfeeding that it leaves with the impression that a fight is necessary and inevitable–and who wants to add boxing gloves to the list of things you have to remember when you’re exhausted and ambitious enough to leave the house with a newborn?! I feel reassured.

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