New Year, New You? There’s No Magic in the Date on a Calendar


It’s the new year, and we all know what that means. A New Year’s resolution. It is the time of year where we are expected to make an unrealistic promise to ourselves. A promise that will bring change and improvement to our lives. It will result in a “new you,” and a better year than the last. Whether it’s a vow to cut out the sweets, hit the gym five days a week, or be more productive, somewhere we fall short. We slowly become unmotivated, our resolutions unravel, and we feel defeated, guilty, and ashamed.

new year, new you? How Resolutions Set Us Up for Failure

Everyone jokes about the packed gyms come the New Year. The regulars know that few will make it to March. Most resolutions are related to our health.  We want to lose weight, look better, and be better. However, when we fail to stick to our resolution, we feel worse than before. One mess up and our resolution is blown. We get down on ourselves, and feel terrible. But, we forget who is watching, taking notes, and soaking it all in. Our babies.

Why is the New Year the only day we can make the decision or take the next steps to better ourselves? There is so much pressure on one day. Too often we think this day will be the change. The shift in our life. But we fail to see how impractical resolutions really are and set ourselves up for failure. Our resolutions are nearly impossible to reach, and although the ambition is refreshing, it isn’t practical. There are too many expectations linked to our resolutions, and when they aren’t met, it is easy to throw in the towel and “wait until New Year” to be better.

Don’t Let the Date on the Calendar Hold You Back

I have never introduced the idea of a resolution to my children. I feel that if we want to better ourselves, now is the best time. I want them to see that every day is a chance to do big things. This very second you can change your life. You are the only thing holding you back, NOT the New Year… YOU. 

Don’t pressure yourself because it is a New Year. Stop checking the date! There is a smarter way to achieve your goals without putting so much stress on yourself and we can become better examples to our kids in the process. No more resolutions! Don’t set unrealistic goals and don’t make a change just because it’s a New Year! Our children do not need to rely on the idea that there is only one time of year to make an improvement in their lives. Whether it is January or June, when you recognize an area of your life needs work, work on it. Write it down. Take it day by day. Celebrate the little wins and the daily accomplishment of taking the next step. You aren’t racing anyone but yourself. 

If you’re struggling with the idea of yet another resolution, you aren’t alone! 

New Year, New You? There's No Magic in the Date on a Calendar, Albuquerque Moms