Mom Fail :: Silly Stories of Motherhood Mistakes


Mom fail. We’ve all had one (or several). Sometimes, the part of our brain that can perform basic reasoning just turns off in protest (yay lack of sleep). In fact, just a couple days ago I had an epic #momfail at the mall.

Mom Fail Stories from Albuquerque Moms Blog

But before I get into that, here are a few mom fails I’m sure everyone can relate to:

My child has what?

Ever go to the doctor for a wellness visit or just on a whim and find out your kiddo is sick?

“Oh, my baby has a fever, a double ear infection, the bubonic plague? Well, now I feel kind of bad for screaming ‘shut up!’ at him at 2 this morning…”

Mom fail.

Winter Adventures

It’s Johnny’s first snow so you go ahead and let all the kiddos play in it while you load the car. You’re feeling pretty good about this (killing two birds with one stone) until you hear a thud and little Johnny starts screaming. Explaining about ice before you sent him out on his own might have been a good idea…oh and of course the neighbors are out too, witness every moment.

Mom fail.

No, I don’t know where he would have heard something like that…

 Let’s be honest, kids music can get annoying (after about 30 seconds), but nothing gets you looking for a better alternative faster than hearing your 2-year-old sing at the top of his lungs about getting drunk. Or sleeping around. Or…well even the most innocuous pop song sound questionable coming out of those little lips. Hmm, maybe it’s time to find the classical radio station.

Mom Fail.

And that brings me to my most recent monumental mom fail.

I was trying to make a quick stop at the mall (my first mistake). By the time I finished it was lunchtime. So, I went to the food court. We got our meal without incident and were heading to the car when my son saw the escalator. He’d been asking since we arrived to ride one, but with his baby brother in the stroller we hadn’t been able to. However, the escalator in the food court had the up and down right next to each other, so I thought, “I’ll let him ride up and down and watch from the bottom. Then he’ll be happy and it’ll be easier to get to the car.”

Bad plan. (For so many, many reasons)

The assent went fine, but when he tried to come down he couldn’t figure out how to the back on, slowly sinking to his bottom every time he tried. The obvious answer was to grab my baby, leave the stroller, and go up to help him. But, as with most mom fails, the rational part of my brain had ceased to function.

So I just stood there helplessly trying to coax him down until someone stepped in and brought him to me. Grateful but embarrassed, I took his hand and made a beeline to my car.

Major mom fail.

I was feeling pretty terrible as I told my mom about it later that day, until I remembered one of her epic mom fail moments: my brother sneaking out through our garage and causing a traffic jam in front of our house in his little tikes car.

The truth is, not all of our parenting moments will be proud ones. Luckily, kids are resilient. They survive our mom fails, just like we did when we were growing up. (Sorry, Mom 😉 I still think you’re the best!)

So, when your next mom fail happens, remember you’re not alone. And be grateful that at least you (probably) didn’t leave your toddler stranded at the top of an escalator or in a little tikes car in the middle of the street!

Do you have a mom fail to share? Comment below!