Just Play


Ok so I have to ask, am I the only mama who is always afraid her little one is not doing what he/she should be doing at this age? Should they be talking more? Do they need to stop using a pacifier? Should they read at 1 like the kids on that commercial? When will they learn to stop eating off the floor? Will they ever be potty trained? Those thoughts usually lead me to feel like I’m not doing enough and I need to read more about how to be a better mom.

Um, I don’t know about you but for me, that is stressful!

There are so many great things about having so much access to the internet, especially for mamas. For example blogs, like this one! (wink wink) We can read and learn straight from our couch. We can seek help, and we can find ideas for our families.

The downside to so much access is always wondering. We can spend so much time wondering and worrying that our babes aren’t like everyone else’s and that is just not fun. So yes, all the Pinterest activities and structured learning time is great. But when was the last time you looked at your kiddos and said “let’s just play”?

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Sometimes we should just play. Get on that trampoline with our babies until none of us can stand anymore. Run around the house and make fun forts. Have pillow fights that last for far too long. Play hide and seek with glow sticks in a dim room. Pull out that good old sand box or slip-n-slide. There is so much fun and freedom when we just play.

Lifestyle, motherhood, childhood, Albuquerque Moms Blog, fun

Mamas, always remember that you are doing a super amazing job with your babies and there is never anything wrong with a little unstructured fun.