I’m Trying to Be More Spontaneous


I Love a Good Plan

I’m definitely a practical mom. I’m the “we need a plan and schedule” type of mom. If we have a fun day or a big outing planned, I have thought through the naps, the snacks, and the schedule. I mean, it won’t be fun if everyone is tired and hungry and screaming, am I right?

I despise any outing where my children may fall asleep in the car in the late afternoon because then they won’t be tired at their USUAL BEDTIME. Who wants to stay up until 10pm dealing with riled up, hyper children? Not me!

But I’ll admit, I can also be that mom who shoots down anything fun or spontaneous or different.

Downer of the Family

“Should we go out to dinner tonight?” My husband might ask.

“Hmmm.” I think. “Do I really want to spend $80 to scarf down my food while shushing three children and picking 500 toys off a dirty floor?”

I'm Trying to Be More Fun by ABQ Mom

My husband loves to hike and suggests a family hike almost every weekend.

My first thought is often: “Great . . . who doesn’t love packing a car and driving two hours just to carry a whiny toddler who refuses to hike?”

Do I sound like a complete downer? Truthfully, if I didn’t have other people in my life to push me to get out and do fun things, my life would probably be very sad. Our schedule would be intact and it would be well-controlled . . . but sad.

Saying “Yes” to Fun

Organization and structure certainly have a place. Let’s be real: without me, this house would be a chaotic, dirty place where grumpy, hungry, and tired children roam around screaming.

At the same time, it’s important to occasionally say “yes” to fun, different things. Sometimes when I let go of the plan and say “yes” to something spontaneous, we end up creating the most wonderful family memories.

On the fourth of July, we let all the kids stay up late (even the 2-year-old!) to watch fireworks and do sparklers and eat ice cream. We had a magical, fun evening.

I'm Trying to Be More Fun by ABQ MomWhen I say “yes” to a spontaneous hike even though it’s a lot of effort and I had different plans for the day, we often end up having exciting outdoor adventures that our boys truly love. They throw rocks in a creek, and we come home tired and covered in dirt. My arms often ache from holding a tired toddler, but I always think, “I’m so glad we did that!”

So, what about you? Are you the flexible, fun mom who is always on the go? Or the plan-loving mom who always heads home before nap time? I’ll admit that I tend towards control and structure, but I’m trying to occasionally throw in a bit of spontaneity.

Are you in search of a fun, outdoor activity to do with your kids? Check out these kid-friendly hiking trails or this guide to outdoor fun in New Mexico!


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