Here’s to You, the Extra Fun, Extra Creative, “Extra” Dad!


Do you remember those Real Men of Genius beer commercials? “Here’s to you, Mr. Taco Salad Inventor.” Or “Here’s to you, Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer”? It was a brilliant and hilarious campaign. At the heart of it, I think what made those commercials great is that we all knew a man that embraced one of those funny qualities. And he fully took it on with pride and enthusiasm.

This Father’s Day, let’s take a minute to appreciate the “extra” dads. The ones that go to the extreme to do creative things and make incredible memories for their kids, the ones that make the most of what they’re doing even if it’s “just” everyday stuff.

Here's to You, the Extra Fun, Extra Creative, "Extra" Dad!These are the Real Men of Genius. These “extra” dads are engineering, creative, fun, and, most of all, present for their kids.

My husband has spent the last week welding some contraption to go on our trailer where the kids can sleep up high when we go camping. Last year, he rigged up a feat of engineering with a tractor and an old political sign so the kids could watch movies outside. The kids want to make pizza? My husband will make 47 different kinds. We’re going hiking? Then he’ll pack every kind of imaginable snack. Last summer when there were no kiddie pools to be found, he made a huge one with some old garden beds and tarps.

Do I tease him about this stuff? Of course! I mean, who really needs three flavors of ice cream in their freezer? But I’m so grateful that this is who he is because it is so different from me. I’m certain my kids will always remember the crazy things he comes up with, and I’m certain he will too.

As moms, we’re often focused on efficiency. We’re always trying to get the most amount done in the least amount of time. But maybe these “extra” dads have it figured out. So here’s to you, “extra” dads! Thanks for being extra, and Happy Father’s Day!



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