Drive-Time Listening That May Save Your Sanity


Hey, mama. Do you ever find yourself driving your kids around, especially on long summer days, wishing you could just finish one train of thought? Are Cocomelon songs crushing your soul? Sick of singing about Bruno (but not talking about him, of course)? I may be able to help. Try out these five suggestions for drive-time listening that may save your sanity!

Drive-Time Listening That May Save Your Sanity1. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

We discovered this podcast, thanks to my brother, a few summers ago. Even my fourteen year old still loves listening to it! The characters are so incredibly fun, and there are even educational aspects to it. You will enjoy listening to it as well, but feel free to just tune out and let the kids get lost in the fun stories. Find Dr. Floyd’s adventures on Apple podcasts here.

2. Disney Storyteller Stories

These are shortened stories of all your favorite Disney movies. They’ve got everything from The Rescuers Down Under to Moana and everything in between. The music and sound bytes keep the story engaging enough that I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to think your own thoughts for the entirety of the story! Find Disney’s storyteller series by simply searching “Disney Storyteller” in the Spotify or YouTube app.

3. Funny Fables

Honor Blackman recites these eight classic stories with her own hilarious flair. You will enjoy listening to her just as much as your kids do! Check out this wonderful album on Spotify, YouTube, or purchase the CD from Amazon here.

4. Brian Regan

If you’ve got tweens or teens, Brian Regan is your guy. His clean comedy is the absolute best thing to start your day with or turn a bad day around. Check him out on Pandora, YouTube, or Spotify! Click here for a little taste of Brian’s humor.

5. Six Minutes

This podcast is like a thriller novel for kids. Your elementary and middle school kids will really enjoy the suspense and intrigue. Each episode is 35-45 minutes long, so you’ll get a good amount of drive time done while exercising your imaginations! Check out Six Minutes here.

What else do you enjoy listening to in the car? Comment and help out the mama sitting next to you at the stoplight!

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