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What can I say? I like big cities! When I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad lived in Belen, Socorro, and finally, Los Lunas. But I always wanted to be in Albuquerque. I wanted to walk on the sidewalks with the buildings towering above me. I wanted to sit on a hill at the edge of town as the world grew dark and lights twinkled on all over the valley.

Some say Albuquerque is not a “Big City,” but it seems pretty perfect to me. It is full of treasures. Where else can you find a carne adovada burrito with a freshly made tortilla smothered in red chile in the middle of the night? Or stand in one spot and be able to see for miles in any direction you turn? Where else is it possible to run a mile in the hot desert and finish it up with a cool mountain hike? When you are out and about, you are surrounded by all different colors of skin, different voices, different religions, different ways of life. Albuquerque…is…beautiful.


When my older sister was expecting her first baby, I realized I very much wanted to be a mom as well. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be moms together? Rocking our babies together? Walking our babies in strollers together? I had been married about two years. It was time to start a family. The only problem was…I couldn’t get pregnant.

My husband and I “tried” for seven years before we were blessed with Lukas and Eisley. They MJ's Kids, Albuquerque Mom's Blogrecently turned six and are in kindergarten. When they were three years old, we were blessed with Asher. He is now two years old and prefers if we just go ahead and call him “Boss.”  

All of those years I spent trying to get pregnant and planning to be the “best mom ever” did not prepare me even one tiny bit for what mothering is really about. Being a mom is the most difficult thing I have ever done. It is also the best gift in the entire universe.


I’m not sure how my story coincides with yours. What I do know is that every woman has a story to share and that her story has purpose and beauty. My hope is that when I open my life and my heart up to you, you will find hope and joy in your own story. 


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