6 Games to Play with Your Kids When You Just Want to Relax


Let’s be honest. Being a parent can be exhausting. Whether you’re a working or stay-at-home parent, the day is filled with a never-ending amount of items on your to-do list. Whenever I get a little break, usually I just want to sit down and relax. Of course, that’s also when my kids think it’s the best time for me to play with them (since I’m apparently not doing anything). Sometimes, I’ll look into those adorable little eyes and can’t help but say yes. On those occasions, I have a list of go-to games where I can still relax while also connecting with my kids.

6 Games to Play with Your Kids When You Just Want to RelaxSpa Day

This one is my personal favorite. My kids love pretending they work at a spa and I am the client. Not only do I get to lie down, but I usually get a foot rub and a massage too. They use items around the house to pretend I am getting a manicure and eye pads. My daughter has even taken this game to the next level with hot towels. 

6 Games to Play with Your Kids When You Just Want to Relax

Sleeping Dinosaur

This one is pretty simple. You’re the sleeping dinosaur, and the kids have to move quietly so they don’t wake you up. Warning: This one can backfire though if they think it’s hilarious to actually wake up the dinosaur.


You are the customer and your child is the waiter/waitress and cook. They can use play food, play-doh, or even draw and cut out pretend food. They can create a menu if they are able to write or draw. Older kids can add prices to the food and practice adding and subtracting. Use play money or make your own.

6 Games to Play with Your Kids When You Just Want to Relax


Have them find things that are different colors, shapes, etc. This game doubles as a learning game for younger kids to practice those early math skills.

I Spy

A classic game that always comes in handy when you want to chill on the couch. It is also a great game to play when we are someplace that requires waiting (restaurant, doctor’s office). The person spying says, “I spy with my little eye something . . . ” while the others guess what the object is. You can use colors, shapes, or other adjectives (long, small, scary).  

Guess the Animal

This is another common game where each person takes a turn thinking of an animal and giving clues about that animal. The others use the clues to guess what animal it is. It is also a way to teach animal classifications (reptiles, mammals, etc.) and animal environments.

What is your favorite game to play while relaxing? Let us know in the comments.

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