4 Podcasts for Your Listening Pleasure


Since moving into our new home, I’ve painted six rooms in six months, by myself. That might seem like a daunting task, and it definitely was, but I discovered something that made it actually fun: podcasts.

Podcasts are my new favorite thing. I listen to them while I work out, while I fold laundry, when I drive across town and sometimes when I make dinner.

Podcasts turn mundane chores into something I look forward too. 

There are thousands of podcasts to choose from out there. It can be intimidating to try to find something you’ll enjoy and really, who has 20 minutes to waist testing out a new podcast? Some of my favorites have either been recommended by a friend or mentioned on another podcast. So I’m here to do you a favor. Below are my four favorite podcasts in no particular order.

Young House Love Has a Podcast

You’ve probably heard about the Young House Love blog? Well, the podcast is better! Sherry and John have a fun banter, they say silly things and they know what they’re talking about when it comes to DIY. They actually DIY their podcast. So, they’re pretty great. I could go on and on, just ask my husband. (sorry husband). But I will tell you that my six year old daughter often requests to listen to “that decorating podcast” in the car. So, they’re kiddo friendly which is a huge plus.

Chris Loves Julia

Chris and Julia are also DIY, home design bloggers. They have three girls and they’ll often talk about TV shows they enjoy watching with them or how they feel about the latest decorating trend. Their podcast is also kiddo friendly and an easy listen.

What Have You

What Have You is a podcast hosted by Rachel Jankovic (my favorite parenting author) and her sister Rebekah Merkle from the comfort of their car. These girls are funny and wise and all over the place! If you prefer structure in your podcasts, you probably won’t like this one. BUT if you want to take away a few nuggets of wisdom and laugh along at someone else’s failed crafting attempts, then this is something you will want to check out. I love these ladies and wish I could hang out in the backseat of their car.

The Daily

I realized that I needed to expand my  knowledge of current events when I didn’t know the name of the Vice President. My husband hinted that if I found time to listen to two decorating podcasts a week, I had time to catch up on the news. But where was I to start? I was so far behind that I didn’t feel like I could just turn on the news. It would be like picking up a book and starting on chapter 10. Thankfully, I found The Daily. 

The Daily is a 20 minute podcast produced 5 days a week by the New York Times. They usually talk about one or two topics an episode. Instead of assuming you know all about what’s going on with the repeal for Obama Care, they give you a little background. I’ve only been listening for a couple weeks and I already feel so much more in the know! I might even be able to hold a conversation with someone about Trump and Russia and what was that VP’s name? 

I wouldn’t consider this podcast kid friendly. It’s so short though that it’s easy to squeeze in before they get up or while you’re at the gym.

So tell me, what are you listening to? I’d love to add some other genres to my list.

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Katie is a native New Mexican who loves living in Albuquerque with her husband and three kids. With a background in journalism and hospitality, Katie loves to write and is passionate about the beautiful state she calls home. When she's not changing diapers, searching for lost toys or sweeping food off the floor, she enjoys reading and making fun crafts. Since becoming a momma, almost five years ago, one of Katie's favorite things has been meeting and connecting with other moms. Some of her best friendships have developed over conversations about sleep patterns and potty training.


  1. I’ll have to try these out! I like to listen to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. It’s easy listening in the car or makes folding laundry a little more interesting.

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