Starting a Hobby as Self-Care [Win a FREE Craft Cart]

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When it came to preparing for motherhood, I researched all the best baby gear, listened to podcasts about preparing for labor, and even read a parenting book or two. But even with this deep dive, I missed the fact that you can easily lose yourself in motherhood.

Self-care gets thrown around often as a way to prevent this, and it usually includes images of candlelit bubble baths or pedicures. Don’t get me wrong. I love a spa day as much as the next mama, but I never feel like my cup is full after that type of self-care. The self-care that is most beneficial for my mental and emotional health is reconnecting to myself and getting creative.

Creativity is a super broad term. For me, it ranges from doing something crafty to baking to gardening. Whatever your hobby is, it requires supplies. So we’ve partnered with American Home Furniture and Mattress to give away a craft cart so you can keep your supplies organized.

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hobby as self care

In addition to this beautiful functional craft cart, American Home Furniture offers a full line of products that can keep your hobbies organized and create a space in your home that can be your creative outlet sanctuary. Click here to see more items.

Advice like “you should start a hobby” is not really the most helpful and can feel like just another to-do to add to the never-ending list you have running in your head. So I reached out to some of the moms on the ABQ Mom team to see how they fit in hobbies and creative endeavors to keep themselves from getting lost in motherhood.

Here’s what the ABQ Mom Team has to say about hobbies & creativity.

“One of my favorite hobbies is decorating and designing living spaces within my home (and homes of friends and family that are looking for advice) creating spaces that are reflective, meaningful and functional. With a growing kid I am always looking for new ways to update or recreate her room and play space that makes sense for her and her development. In rare moments of spare time, I play with home design programs and create just for fun! It’s all super rewarding on many levels for me!” – Tiffany
“I like to hike. It is liberating for me. I feel like I meet the nicest people on the trail. I’d rather hike all day than be inside.”- Margo
“I like to paint. But I really need to plan it out. I will zone out when I’m in my moment of creativity. I also love baking. I get proud of myself for finishing a creative task. I feel it’s so important to exercise our creativity for overall wellness. I like to practice this with my clients.” -Erin
“I like playing games. Board games, card games, role-playing games, computer games. Anytime I can play with friends and family is the best!” – Laura
“I enjoy riding bikes with my kids. It feels so great to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the NM scenery.”- Martha
“I like to ski with my family. I love the feeling of freedom I get while I’m out there. It’s also so nice to watch the kids realize they can do hard things, and how amazing their bodies are. Also, the scenery is unbelievable.” – Lauren

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