Pregnant in a Pandemic: Finding Pockets of Self-Care


Finding pockets of self-care in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t have to be extravagant.

Self-care is a phrase we moms hear constantly. Yet it still feels unattainable. But why?

When I initially think of self-care, I immediately think of privilege. Something that takes money and time and thought.

Yes, we’re all spending hours upon hours within the walls of our homes. Now of all times we should be able to find time to indulge ourselves in the reality of self-care. But if we’re being honest, self-care requires some help, some creativity, and most of all a little luck.

Whether you are a mommy-to-be, new momma, or you’ve been around the block a few times, I hope you find these self-care tips helpful, attainable, and most of all relaxing in some form or another.

As a pregnant momma, busy with a toddler at home, and a full-time job to juggle, I have to think of self-care differently.

There’s no way I have the time or the money to spend by going someplace other than my home for self-care. This idea has been especially helpful and motivating throughout the pandemic.

Pregnant in a Pandemic: Finding Pockets of Self-CareI’ve found that our homes and our daily tasks provide opportunities for pockets of self-care.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

1. Washing the dishes:

    • Wait a minute, just hear me out on this one before you laugh out loud. Before having my toddler I absolutely hated washing dishes. I loathed it. Who literally enjoys clearing the kitchen and scrubbing dirty dishes until they’re clean? I had to look at this one from a new perspective. Instead of looking at it as a hated daily task, I started to realize that those 10-15 minutes were the perfect time to slow down. An opportunity to throw in some earbuds, listen to a podcast or some music, and enjoy the hot bubbly water as I cleaned the dishes. As soon as my perspective shifted on this, so did my happiness level!
  1. Podcasts:

    • I’ve always been a reader with my free time, but since having my toddler around, I’ve completely lost this. I no longer have the time to sit around for a few hours on end and read through some of my favorite novels. That’s where podcasts come in! There are literally so many options from mysteries, holiday favorites, good cry sessions, and everything in between. And the best part, you listen when you can and for as long as you can! And guess what, if mommy duties call, you can just hit the playback button for anything you missed.
  2. Folding the Laundry:

    • This is another daily/weekly task that never has a clear end in sight. Instead of cursing it off, try adding some essential oils to a dryer ball, heating up those clothes again for the second or the third time (because we all know we never do them after the first round), and then indulging yourself in a pile of nice warm clothes that smell lovely. Heck, maybe even throw on your favorite show to keep you busy while you fold. Folding laundry is also the perfect time to practice some breathing techniques. By taking your awareness inward and focusing on your breath and body working together, it allows your hands to complete the work of folding laundry while using the time to calm and clear your mind.
  3. Bath Time:

    • It sounds like something I should be getting my kid excited for, but nope! I’m the giddy one here. I’ve always been a bath person, but since the pandemic started I honestly haven’t been washing my hair that much (thank you dry shampoo). So that means MORE bath times for momma! And let me tell you, these have become my jam! Pre-pregnancy, I would totally take my favorite glass of wine with me to unwind, but now my favorites include a mug of Peppermint Hot Cocoa (try Land-O-Lakes), a cup of hot tea, or a tall glass of spritzer water. Once your drink is ready, fill up that tub with hot water and add your favorite scents to the bathroom. My favorite is to add some lavender Epsom Salts and a few drops of lavender and cedarwood oils to my hot water. Some of my other favorites include lighting candles, throwing on some calming music, and turning off my phone! And if all else fails and you completely forgot to add all or any of the above, just sit in that tub, enjoy the warm water and bask in the silence. That’s pretty much healing on its own.
  4. My Ultimate Favorite–YOGA:

    • This one is hands down my favorite part of any day! I’ve always been a lover of exercise, but yoga provides so much more than exercise for me. It’s a chance to slow down, re-center, and re-charge my brain and body. Some days I have time for 45-minutes of yoga. But in all reality, I typically need something shorter. Since the pandemic started, I’ve found numerous YouTube videos catering to my yoga needs!

So mommas, I hope you all aren’t laughing too much at my suggestions and instead try to find your pockets of self-care! Wishing you all a relaxing moment of peace in the days ahead.