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Calling all bibliophile moms . . .

We are so excited to announce the launch of our very own ABQ Mom book club! Come join a great community of local moms who will connect through our love of reading. Expect lots of laughs and in-depth discussions bringing together our unique thoughts, perspectives, and personalities. I know we’re all busy with our kids’ activities (upon activities), work, relationships, and more, but if you can carve out a little time for yourself, we would love to have you!

The ABQ Mom Book Club will officially start on Friday, October 15th. We’ll read through the book together, discussing it as we go.

I have been an avid reader all my life . . . but when I had kids, that passion was put on the back burner. It wasn’t until recently that I cracked open a book that was waiting to be read on my shelf. That instantaneous gratification in doing something I love again encouraged me to carve out time in my day to fill my cup. Maybe you can get in 30-minutes during your lunch break or 20-minutes after the kids fall asleep . . . take it at your own pace! You’ll be surrounded by women who understand your struggle and will inspire you to continue turning those pages!

ABQ Mom Book club

Here’s How To Get Involved!

Join the ABQ Mom Book Club Facebook group.

The magic will happen here! Our book club members can participate in weekly, thought-provoking discussion questions posted in the group. Make sure to comment, react, and encourage other moms by interacting with everyone’s posts! Feel free to add your own questions or share your reflection. After all, a book club lives and breathes on the discussion and interaction of its members!

Click on this link to join the Facebook group.

Not on Facebook? We get it. We’ll email you about our monthly in-person meetings. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this post. We’ll keep you updated about book club meet-ups.

Get the book.

Get the book by October 15th! You do not need to read the book by October 15th. Remember, we will be discussing the book as we work through the chapters over the coming weeks.

In order for different topics and genres to be selected, members will be asked to make a book recommendation for the following month. We will poll the group to determine which literary masterpiece is the most intriguing. This will happen about two weeks prior to the 15th of the month to allow everyone time to obtain a copy of the book.

Choose any format that fits your preference and life best: the physical book itself, an audiobook, or an e-book. Make sure to check your local library or one of their two apps, Hoopla and Libby. If you want to own a copy of the book, purchase it from your favorite retailer.

Join the conversation.

Once a month, we will meet either in person at a fun local place (yay, we can do that again!) or virtually (to accommodate even the busiest schedules). We will continue to follow COVID safe practices when meeting in person. If you’re unable to make a meet-up, I’ll post the discussion questions and topics the next day.

Keep it positive.

Be sure to follow our community guidelines to make this a positive experience for everyone. ABQ Mom cares deeply about our community and members. We ask that all book club members be respectful and accepting of differing opinions and viewpoints. Let’s make this a fun and supportive space to celebrate motherhood, reading, and diversity!

October’s Book Club Selection

Join the ABQ Mom Book Club

I’m so excited to announce the first book club selection. For the month of October, I wanted to pick a murder mystery. Hello, spooky season! A friend of mine suggested The Guest List by Lucy Foley. It’s not a brand-new-to-the-book-scene selection, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been out of the scene for more time than you’d like to admit. So let’s get cozy as the weather starts to change and dive in!

Join the discussion group on Facebook here. 

If you’re not on Facebook but want reminders about book club meet-ups, fill out the form below.

ABQ Mom Book Club


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