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I have been defined by the title “mom” for what feels like an eternity, but it’s only been almost five years and three children later.

Before I became a mother, I was a teacher. First an elementary school teacher then a preschool teacher. My love for teaching children grew out of a love of watching children learn, grow, and thrive in their own right. I longed for children of my own. Teaching allowed me to foster that mothering instinct of protection and guidance before I had children of my own.

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Somehow I’ve forgotten myself along the way. But as I sit and write, I remember how much I enjoy mornings, hot cups of coffee, and laughter with friends. I love the quiet and the smell of old books. When I spend time with the ones I love, I feel recharged and ready for a new day. The Catholic faith and my love for Jesus are what save me and encourage me to be the best person I can be. My heart is full of love and acceptance because we are all one.


I’m native to Albuquerque. Like many others, the enchantment of New Mexico called to me after I had moved away. I often dreamt of home when I was away. The turquoise and ristras that adorn many homes and businesses were something that I overlooked when I was young. But now I hold those imprinted images in my mind when I think of New Mexico.

Shortly after marrying my high school sweetheart, we moved next door to Arizona. Then again, we moved, but this time much farther away to central Pennsylvania. I deeply missed the desert and the hot, dry summers. Albuquerque holds my heart for many reasons: my family, the love of this place, and the experiences I had always hoped I would have with my children.

roxanne barry, ABQ MomFive years later, we are back, and my heart is home.

I am a NICU mom.

My first pregnancy ended as abruptly as it began at 33 weeks.

My first child, a son, was born. Our pride and joy.

The little boy that made all of my dreams come true. Weighing only 4 lbs, he came into this world with purpose and might. He will be five years old in November of 2020. He has taught me so much about myself as a mother.

I found a strength that I never knew I had until the day I gave birth to him.

My daughter who will be three years old in October of 2020 is the light of our lives, and my third baby, a baby boy who will be one in December of 2020 is as happy as they come.

These blessed babies of mine have brought to me a life of motherhood where I fail each day, but they also teach me resilience and forgiveness.

Stays in the NICU for two out of three of my children have shaped me, molded me, and changed me. Some days are smooth sailing, and others feel like riding a mountain bike through the roughest parts of our Sandia Mountains. Motherhood is a wild ride, but I couldn’t imagine myself in a more important role than a mother.

My Rock.

My husband and I have been together almost seven years, and I can say with passion and truth that he is my strength. Together we parent our children, and together we hold our Catholic faith the center of our marriage and family. My husband and I began dating our senior year of High School and have been united ever since. We have grown together and learned together. Our marriage has been built on the strongest of rocks.


Writing for women and mothers of Albuquerque and neighboring cities gives me incredible joy and excitement! I have so much I want to share with all of you. I feel a calling for writing and putting a piece of my heart down on paper for all to see.

My writing hopes and dreams are to capture what you need to hear most and hopefully share with you what you need at that moment in time.

A dream of mine is to write children’s books and to read my books for children. I want to see the magic and wonder in their eyes and know that a piece of me was able to create that enchantment for them. The same way our Land of Enchantment does for all of us.

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Roxanne Barry
Roxanne is a mom of 3. She grew up and lived in Albuquerque until shortly after marrying her high school sweetheart in 2013. Together they moved first to Arizona and then across the country to Pennsylvania. Roxanne was an elementary and preschool teacher until she and her husband moved back home to New Mexico in 2018. Roxanne is now a stay-at-home mother and is continuing her love for education with her 3 children. She is passionate about writing and sharing positivity with other mothers. She believes it is crucial for mothers to have informative and truthful messages related to all things motherhood. You will most likely find Roxanne rocking yoga pants, a mom bun, and a cup of cold coffee somewhere close by!


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