Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Martina Chavez


Hi ABQ Mom Readers! I’m so excited to be here with you today, and I’m looking forward to navigating this journey together.

Martina Chavez

First and foremost, I’m Martina Chavez. A native New Mexican who’s always loved the New Mexican desert and the rich culture that resides here. I’m married to Nicholas, and momma to my favorite little guy with the best hair, Ezra Jude.

I grew up just south of Albuquerque, in Valencia County and graduated from my local public high school. Go Eagles! After high school, I ventured a few hours north to New Mexico Highlands University for my first phase of university studies. Here, I played college softball and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, with a minor in Early Childhood Multicultural Education.

After completing my student teaching, I decided I couldn’t finish school without becoming a Lobo (woof, woof!) So I enrolled at the University of New Mexico and earned a Master’s of Science in Speech and Language Pathology. My passion for communication and helping others find their voice has been evolving ever since. This passion is directly tied to living our life in New Mexico.

My husband and I have always shared a mutual love for New Mexico and the surrounding Albuquerque area.

Nick and I both grew up in small, rural communities just south of Albuquerque. We spent our childhoods surrounded by close friends and family, and we wouldn’t want it any other way for our little guy.

New Mexico feels like such a large and vast playground for the growth of our little family. It provides familiar places and lasting comfort, but it also leaves room for the unknown, the unexplored. Therein lies the beauty of building a family within the New Mexican landscape. We can explore an old trail or forge a new path, and at the end of the day, we can still travel home down the familiar highway to our little place of comfort, love, and family.

Martina Chavez

Nick and I love being able to share similar childhood experiences and places with our little Ezra. It allows us the opportunity to reminisce about our old memories, while simultaneously expanding and creating new memories as a family. Perhaps the most special thing about continuing our life journey in the Albuquerque area is the proximity of family. We are so gracious to be surrounded by extended family and friends. The opportunity to raise our son surrounded by love is something we’re thankful for daily.

As a new mother navigating this journey, I’ve truly come to realize the importance of community and support.

Without a doubt, I’m a capable mother but motherhood is hard. It’s the hardest job that I’ve ever come across. It provides ample opportunities for questioning and self-doubt in even the most confident and independent mothers. I’m beyond thankful for the support that my family provides. Not only are they there to babysit while I continue my profession, but they are always there at the drop of a dime to allow me a moment of self-care, while I run, or simply just to sit and be without the demands of a tiny person.

The unwavering support of family has provided the space for me to explore my new found love of writing and sharing experiences with others. As a new mom, sometimes it’s easy to feel lost and without an individual identity. At times it feels as if the only identity allowed is “wife” or “mom.” Although I love that those titles belong to me, I need something outside of those words.

When I needed a space to explore my thoughts and creativity, writing was there to welcome me.

While my husband left to work, writing called me when I felt solitude at home. It welcomed me without any agendas or deadlines. It allowed me to be me again. To find the tiny voice that had been lost for a few months while I navigated endless nights of diaper changes, and cluster feedings.

I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to become a contributor for ABQ Mom! I’m excited to expand my circle of friends, moms, community, and knowledge.

You can follow me on Instagram, or on my blog for the joys and the reality of working motherhood!


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