Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Charlie Danford


Charlie Danford, ABQ Mom's BlogHi there! I’m Charlie!

I’m originally from a small town in Central New York. I attended college in Buffalo, New York, where I obtained my Masters’s degree in Health and Human Performance from Canisius College. After school, my husband (then fiancee) and I spent a few years bouncing around while he played pro hockey. We spent some time in Minnesota, France, Orlando, Atlanta, and Toledo, before ending up here in Albuquerque. As far as my career goes, I work as an analyst for a digital health company where I have the privilege of working from home (even when there isn’t a global pandemic).

New to ABQ

Coming from a life on the east coast and the midwest, life in the desert has been an adjustment. No one warned me about all the dust! And no one warned our Golden Retriever about all the “goats heads” he would need removed from his paws on our walks. In all seriousness, we are in love with the mountains, the sunsets, and the weather. The people in Albuquerque are also incredibly kind and friendly.

New Mom

I am a relatively new mom. My daughter, Lennon, was born in November of 2019. I had always heard that being a mom changes you. If I’m being honest, I don’t feel that much different. I think I’m still me . . . just a more tired, hyperaware, and safety concerned version of myself.

I’m extremely excited to be a part of ABQ Mom! I love to read and always jumped at the opportunity to take creative writing classes in college. As a writer, I hope to bring some fun and lightheartedness. I’m passionate about fashion, beauty, health, DIY projects, and food. You can find me on Instagram @C__Danford.