Caring for my Children Doesn’t Make Me Less Motivated


I’m currently in school, working, taking care of my home, and caring for my children. I love being a mom, but mom life doesn’t make me less motivated to achieve my goals. Maybe it even makes me more motivated!

I recently saw an article that talked about a mom breastfeeding while she’s in class, and the professor shaming her for it.

How sad. How sad that he did that. Moms don’t get enough credit to begin with. I feel like I do all these things big and small and crave to hear “Wow, you did all that? You go, mama.”

Caring for my children doesn't make me less motivatedWhen I read the article I thought, “Gosh, this is me. I am this woman.” If it wasn’t for online classes or support that I’ve had, I would have had a much harder time finishing school.

The week I gave birth to my son, I had class. My class, just like the rest of the world, did not stop for me. I was in the hospital the day I had class. I had every intention to attend, but I was so tired. So I skipped class.

You may be thinking, “Well, you were having a baby.” Truth is, there are some professors that don’t care. Luckily, mine understood. But even through her understanding, she pushed that I understood the policy of missing a class or two. I returned the next week to my online course, and I showed up with my baby right by my side. Camera up for some privacy, boob out, feeding my child.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I have had some professors get offended that I turn my video off so I can tend to my children. It is hard to balance school, home, and work life.

As for myself, trying to get ahead while being a mom is a challenge. Some days that vision seems so far out, but it can be done. Caring for my children does not make me less motivated.

No matter what side of the spectrum you stand on, I hope that we can all agree that moms need more encouragement, support, and understanding.

Caring for my children doesn't make me less motivated