How I Met Your Father :: Can Our Kids Tell the Story?


It’s always fun to read those cute little stories kids write about their parents. I decided to see how much my kids could tell me about how their father and I met.

Here’s how they think it went…

How old were your mom and dad when they met each other?

Asher: (Shoulders raised) I don’t know.

Lukas: Mom was 30 when I was born. So, I don’t know. They never told me.

Eisley: Daddy was 20 and Mom was 21.  (I was 19, he was 18.)

Where were your mom and dad when they met for the first time?

Asher: At a school.

Lukas: At a high school. But when they talked, it was at the library.

Eisley: At a school, in class. But when they talked, it was in the library. (Correct! We had a math class together at UNM Valencia, but we talked for the first time in the library.)

UNM VC I met your father in the library
We met at UNM Valencia in the library.

What did they say to each other? 

Asher: Hello. How are you? (Sure thing!)

Lukas: What concert are you going to? (Correct!)

Eisley: I don’t know. Maybe they started talking about a concert that was going to happen.  (Correct!)

Your father and I talked for hours at UNM VC
We sat outside and talked for hours.

How did your mom and dad know they had something special together?

Asher: I don’t know.

Lukas: Because they looked alike. (Haha! We look NOTHING alike.)

Eisley: Because daddy gave her that ring! (He gave me a ring the day after I met him-NOT a wedding ring. Who do you think I am? Princess Anna of Arendelle?)

Where were you when your mom and dad met for the first time?

Asher: I was at home. (Haha!)

Lukas: In Mom’s body.

Eisley: In Mom’s belly. I was a tiny speck. (Ten years before the twins were born. That is probably true.)

UNM VC lobo for father's day
Young Lobo

At least one of my kids wasn’t too far off about our first meeting. If it had happened in a Clue game, it would have sounded something like this: They met in the UNM Valencia Campus Library, at the computers, with an upcoming concert as the topic of conversation, and the rest was history.

UNM VC Fountain for father's day
This is where I met your dad! UNM Valencia Campus

How did you meet the father of your children?