Date Night Idea :: Our Facebook Stroll Down Memory Lane


I can only imagine what someone would think about our date night. Two people sitting in a booth just staring at their phones. Yes, it’s ironic to imagine that we would spend our only alone time together on our phones. Yet, what we were doing on our phones is far from ignoring each other.

date night idea, albuquerque moms blogSo, let me explain. Sometimes on date night my husband and I like to open our Facebook pages, go to photos, and take a trip down memory lane. We sometimes don’t even catch ourselves doing it. We each scroll our photos and pick one. What we talk about depends on the photo.

Date Night Photo Rules

We don’t really have any rules. There isn’t any topic or photo off limits. We can talk about anything and everything. However, there is one exception. We cannot get upset about past situations. That would be a mood killer for date night. So to get a better picture of what I’m talking about, let me show you a few photos that came up on this date night.

Our Daughter

Date Night Albuquerque Mom's Blog

The first picture my husband picked was of our daughter. We immediately began reminiscing on how little she was and how fast she has grown. Has anyone ever told you they grow up fast? Well, it’s true. This photo was taken at a wedding we attended about four years ago. My husband was the groomsman for one of his fellow police buddies. This photo wasn’t just a discussion about our daughter, but also the wedding festivities. It’s amazing how quickly a conversation can lead down a rabbit hole of memories.  

Homecoming Senior Year

Date Night Albuquerque Mom's Blog

This photo was my choice. It was from our time in high school. My husband and I attended military school together and this was from our ring dinner. Tradition was very a very important concept at our school. One of the traditions is the ring dinner. It’s when the third classmen (seniors) receive their class rings. Being able to receive a class ring signified a sense of accomplishment. The ring dinner usually falls close to homecoming, which is why I chose this photo. This year is our ten year reunion. We have been discussing whether we want to attend or not. We still haven’t made up our mind. 

My Husband and Our Son

Date Night Albuquerque Mom's Blog

This last photo was my husband’s choice. I’m pretty sure this photo was taken during football season. The chips and salsa with the hidden beer cup kind of give it away. My husband and I, of course, talked about our son. We talked about how much he has grown and how we would handle his first day of school. My husband graciously gave me the opportunity to drop our son off on the first day. I’m just going to assume that it’s because my husband will cry if he had to do it. Don’t let his hard shell fool you. He’s really just a big ball of mush inside. 

Once dinner arrives, the phones get put away. It’s no longer about memory lane, but the present. We start discussing our week and things we may have forgotten to mention. This is our time to finally catch up and be in the present moment with each other. 

Date Night Is What You Make It

Our date night may sound unusual, but to us it’s normal. Being able to take a trip down memory lane helps us recognize our growth as a couple and as individuals. We aren’t the same people we were in high school nor the same people from two years ago. Our photos also remind us of why decided to start this journey together. We do this by remembering humble beginnings, petty arguments, and that time I was so frustrated that I fell asleep on the couch upset. 

So tell me what does a typical date night look like for you? Are you like us or do you have your own special date night games?

*P.S. If you ever feel like you need fresh ideas you can always check out this guide to date night. Maybe even give our little “game” a try.