Make Your House a Home :: Decor Tips for the Busy Mom


I love shopping for home décor items. I am not an interior decorator, but I would love to be one. I am a busy mom that wants a cute house and I love surrounding myself with pretty things that make me smile. So here are my easy tips for home decorating. 

Home Decor Tips for the Busy Mom from Albuquerque Moms BlogShop Craigslist or thrift stores

I searched online and in various home stores for over a year looking for the perfect coffee table. I finally found a coffee table with the exact color of my flooring tile on Craigslist. I was absolutely thrilled that they matched so perfectly. When it comes to furniture in our homes it can take a lot of wear and tear from our kids and their cookie crumbs and juice spills. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a good bargain on furniture. You may be replacing it sooner than you would like to! I found cane wicker chairs on Craigslist and painted them to match my dining room. They “look” expensive but for the price I paid, I’m okay if that juice box spills on them.

Frame your kids’ photos and artwork.

It’s the perfect way to save these timeless treasures and encourage your little one’s artistic side. Some simple twine strung across a wall with clothespins attached can easily hold all the masterpieces your little one creates. You can also easily trade out last week’s drawing with this week’s collage. Use matching frames in all one color to frame your children’s art and create a full gallery wall. Websites like Snapfish or Costco let you order posters made of your kids’ artwork. You can even purchase cabinet frames that allow you to easily open the frame to change out your petite Picasso’s art work each month or each week.

Repurpose an old dresser that’s been sitting in your garage.

Home Decor Tips for the Busy Mom from Albuquerque Moms BlogAdd a new fresh coat of paint and new hardware for a fresh look. We took my husband’s brown dresser that he had as a child and painted it a bright blue color for my son’s room. It really brightened the space and kept a little nostalgia in our home.

Pick a theme for a space or a room in your home and go with it!

Pinterest and home décor magazines are great ways to find inspiration. My oldest son’s room has a Lego theme and my younger son has a fun nautical theme.

Functionality is the key to a great space.

Make it user friendly, functional and kid friendly. I keep cups in a low cabinet so kids can help themselves to a drink of water. Our second garage is now a recreation room and a good place for messy art projects for my kids. It has also been used to keep science projects in a safe, but out of the way area (which is extra important when your science project utilizes egg shells and smelly vinegar!) We took an office in our home and used it as a bedroom for our son. The room did not have a closet, so we added built in cabinets with a rod so he would have storage and a place to hang his clothes.

I have a coffee station/work station in my kitchen. I think every mom needs one, especially one stocked with lots of coffee!

Cute storage is not only essential… it’s fun too!

I especially love dual purpose storage containers like an ottoman. You can comfortably sit on it but also store toys, blankets and other items within it. Wait for your favorite home décor store to have a sale on baskets and go shopping! Baskets are so visually appealing and they are a great place to hide toys, jewelry and other knick-knacks we all somehow seem to collect.