Thanksgiving Crafts and Traditions That Double as Home Decor


Below is a fun list of Thanksgiving crafts and traditions you can start anytime with your family!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many of us celebrate gathered around our kitchen table with family and friends. This year may look a little bit different, but we can still keep ahold of the spirit of the holiday: to be thankful and grateful.

I am going to share with you some traditions you can start this year and continue as your children and families grow.

The following ideas are especially helpful for adding to your fall home decor that also doubles as fun, learning activities for children!

1. Painting Pumpkins

I set the children up outside with a large pumpkin and child-safe paint. They painted their pumpkin, and now I have a beautiful pumpkin that I can use as a centerpiece on my Thanksgiving table or keep outside near our front door for some fall decor.

2. The “Thankful Pumpkin”

This is a tradition that I plan to keep each year. This is the first year that my children really enjoyed coming up with things that they are thankful for so that I could write them on our pumpkin. (I used a white chalk marker to write on our pumpkin.)

We each took turns coming up with what makes us feel good and happy. The best part about this tradition is that you can add to it each day and then on Thanksgiving you can display your pumpkin to be reminded about all of your blessings.

3. Handprint art for your Thanksgiving Table

I especially love a creative centerpiece! For this tradition, you can use a white cloth or plastic table cloth and with tempera paint create handprints from your family members along the middle. You can add their names and date if you’d like. Each year you can add to the table cloth or create a new one. As you sit to celebrate your thanksgiving meal (however that looks for your family) you get to look at the handprints and compare growth from one year to the next.

4. Individualized “Thankful” Placemats

As a former elementary school teacher, I would often create individualized placemats for our students. The placemat would be made using different colored construction paper, the child’s name, and a few reasons why you are thankful for them. This can be a really fun and enjoyable activity for children to read a little about themselves through your eyes. Another suggestion is to add to your child’s placemat throughout the month leading up to Thanksgiving Day and then put the placemat out for your meal. Or have your children write a little about each member of the family too!

5. Fall Wreath Art

If you need another fun craft that will double as fall decor try making a paper wreath. I simply used different colored construction paper and supervised my children with scissors. They cut and then glued their paper on a white paper plate. We hung our wreaths in our kitchen.

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these fun fall/Thanksgiving crafts and activities that will also double as home decor! Happy creating!

Thanksgiving Crafts and Traditions That Double as Home Decor