Our Team’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas & Fun Activities for Kids


Do you give your children Valentine’s Day gifts? We were chatting as a team and realized that most of us do like to give our kiddos Valentine’s Day gifts whether that be a special treat or a small trinket. Or we do something fun together as a family.

Our Team's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas & Fun Activities for Kids

Below is a list of ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts and fun for kids our team came up with.

Valentine’s Cards with Toy Animals

Brittany ordered these cards and animals for her kids and plans to hide them around the house and create a scavenger/treasure hunt for them. She plans to include a characteristic she loves about them on the card. What a clever idea!

Everything Heart-Shaped!

Food is my love language, and I’m not afraid to admit it. On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I will usually go out or enjoy a nice dinner once the kids are in bed. For the past few years, I’ve ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Village Pizza for my kids. It’s a big hit. Also, I got this pancake mold from Pancake Presents in a swag bag years ago. My kids look forward to their Valentine’s Day pancakes for breakfast. I also have a heart-shaped cookie cutter that I use for sandwiches for lunch.

ABQ Mom Valentine's Day

Sugar N Glitz Valentine’s Specials

Margo and Gina Lee are ordering their family some delectable treats from Sugar N Glitz, a mother/daughter bakery in Rio Rancho. Check out their beautiful Valentine specials.

Flowers and Chocolate

Katie says her dad would pick her up from school with flowers and chocolate and take her to lunch. She hopes to continue the tradition with her daughter. The Valentine’s bouquets from Desert Flower Co give us all the heart eyes.

Lots of us have memories of our parents giving us a box of chocolates and have continued that tradition with our kids. Who else loves chocolate-covered cherry cordials? Sarah thinks she will get her kids some special chocolate from a local shop, The Chocolate Dude.

Make a Special Dessert

Erin says she and her kids will make chocolate chip cookies together, but substitute the chocolate chips for Valentine colored M&Ms. They also plan to make chocolate fondue and dip fruit in it. (Can I come to your house, Erin?)

Think of Others

My sister and her kids are sending virtual Valentine’s cards to children at St. Jude’s Hospital. What a great way to brighten someone’s day!

A New Book

One of our contributors, Roxanne, recently published her own children’s book, Love the Little Things, which is all about a mother’s love for her children. We think it would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the littles you love.Love the Little Things, Valentine's Day

Decorate Your Own Cookies

It’s a treat and a craft when you order cookies to decorate from Rude Boy Cookies. And if you love yourself, you should pick up a cookie dough pop while you’re at it.

Valentine’s Day Tees

Sara says she buys her kids Valentine’s Day tees from Carter’s every year. And we’ve seen some cute ones at Target too. She has a sweet little felt envelope from the dollar spot at Target where she leaves gifts for her kids. A decorated mailbox would do the trick too!

Something They Need

Rosa‘s little guy is only 2 years old and has no concept of Valentine’s Day. So she decided to buy something for him that he needs. She fully admits this is pretty much a gift for herself. She got him a Bento box and a matching water bottle to put all his snacks in during road trips.

Words of Affirmation

You’ve probably seen this one on the internet before because it’s such a good idea. This year Margo has decided to write things she loves about her kids on construction paper hearts to hang on her kids’ bedroom doors. Adorable!

Valentine’s Day Crafts

A quick Pinterest search can provide an overwhelming number of Valentine’s Day crafts to make the day all the more special. Do a few ahead of time as gifts for friends and family.


We’d love to hear how you and your family celebrate Valentine’s Day. What do you do to show your family how much you love them?