Lively Hope: An Advent Story to share with your family


Lively Hope: An Advent Story

Lively Hope


Lively Hope

Jennifer Asp is the author of Lively Hope.  She is a wife, mom, and writer who also happens to be my fabulous sister-in-law.  When I heard she was writing a book about Advent I knew that it was going to be wonderful.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and share it with everyone I know!  I chatted with Jen recently about her new book and I’m delighted to share our conversations with you today.  

So Jen, tell me about your book Lively Hope!

Lively Hope is an Advent book designed for families to read together in the anticipation of Christmas.  It’s meant to trace God’s hope through the Bible and build that same hope into our families.  Lively Hope weaves together four different sections of the Bible to tell the full story of Hope, to show how the first and second comings of Jesus are connected, and to refocus our eyes on our future Hope.  There is a chapter for each of the four weeks of Advent and it can be used with other Advent books or as its own devotional.  

Explain to me what Advent is and why you decided to write a book about it?  

Advent means “coming”.  Traditionally, Advent is the part of the church year that focuses on the first and second Advents of Jesus: His birth and His second coming as King.  It is a four week season that comes before and prepares us to celebrate Christmas.  I did not grow up in a liturgical church and have only discovered the joys of the church year in the last ten years.  There are a million books about Jesus as a baby, but almost no picture books about his second coming.  I wrote this book to intentionally plant seeds in our own family of hope and longing for the promises of God.  

Well that explanation is extremely helpful!  So how did you come up with the title Lively Hope?

Lively Hope is taken from 1 Peter 1:3  “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a Lively Hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”  Three years ago I spent an entire year studying and teaching the book of 1 Peter.  The main thing I took away was the hope that Peter kept trying to redirect his readers to.  And the hope is a person!

I love that!  Now, how should families plan to use the book during the advent season?  

This is a flexible book.  You could read it in one sitting, read it in addition to other Advent and Christmas books or use it as your primary Advent resource.  Advent starts on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  In my family, we will read one chapter each of the four sundays of Advent.  Then, the rest of the week, we will use the “suggested Reading Schedule” in the book and read the small portions of Scripture that align with each chapter.  Kids surely know about anticipation in waiting for Christmas and my desire is for our anticipation to expand and grow in our hope and anticipation of Jesus, Himself. My hope is that this book contributes to that end.  

When will the book be available for purchase and where can we find it?  

Lively Hope is scheduled to be out by Black Friday.  It will be available on,, and  Additionally, you can go to my website,, and I have a direct link to purchase it as well as other Advent resources and ideas.  


There you have it, friends!  

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Jennifer and learned a little something about the season of Advent.  I know I did!  Be sure to check out Jennifer’s website and snag your very own copy of Lively Hope!