Halloween 2020: Fun Ideas for a COVID-Safe, Socially Distanced Halloween


Who loves Halloween? *raises hand and jumps up and down* I do! I do!

Our family always makes the most of Halloween. We decorate the house for the holiday by late September. In past years, we have hosted or attended family Halloween parties and gatherings, participated in the kids’ school Halloween events, gone trick-or-treating, and more. The kids usually have at least four or five chances throughout the month of October to show off their costumes and celebrate with others.

Halloween 2020 ABQ Mom

Oh, hi 2020.

I started to have my doubts back in mid-summer when it became clear that this virus isn’t letting up any time soon. I have had to face the facts. There’s a pretty good chance that all of our holiday traditions will be turned upside-down this year, Halloween included.

Instead of being disappointed, we are making lemonade out of those lemons (or candy corns out of those corn-cobs)! My husband and I have been brainstorming for weeks, and are looking at lots of ideas to create a special, and socially-distanced, family Halloween.

A COVID-Safe Halloween at Home

Halloween-Themed Piñata

Buy a Halloween-themed piñata for the kids and fill with candy at home. Bonus: You can stuff it with all your favorites! As a result, you won’t have to waste calories on the varieties your family isn’t crazy about!

Spooky Candy Hunt

For big kids, hide candy around the house and then have them hunt in the dark with flashlights to find it. You could even try a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to hidden treasure (candy)! For younger kids, it could be set up similar to an Easter egg hunt. Then play some Halloween tunes and bust out the fog machine for added spook factor!

Drive-By Trick-Or-Treat

Just as drive-by birthday parties became a thing in 2020, drive-by trick-or-treating can be too! Set up a table and tent (bonus points if you make it extra spooky). Then have your friends and family members mask up and come drop off candy to your trick-or-treaters!

Halloween Costume Show

Gather up as many costumes from years past, mom and dad included, or make your own, and have an in-house fashion show with your cast of characters. Make your own awards and crown the winners with candy.

Halloween Movie Marathon

Use the night to gather up all your Halloween favorites, throw on a comfy costume, buy out the store in candy (if you want) and snuggle up! Hocus Pocus anyone?

Haunted House

Each family member claims a part of the house to create their own haunted room. Take a tour of each family members’ “houses,” and prepare to be spooked.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Hold a household contest (in costume) of the best pumpkin carvings. Just like the costume show, create your own awards and give out prizes of monster size candies!

“Boo” Your Friends and Neighbors

Leave a spooky surprise on your friends’ or neighbors’ doorsteps to get into the spirit of the season. Check out this post for directions.

Socially Distanced Trick-or-Treating

Collaborate With Neighbors

There might be a little leg-work involved to get all the neighbors on board, but I love these low-contact trick-or-treating ideas from Oriental Trading Company!

Halloween in Old Town

This year the City of Albuquerque is hosting a COVID-safe trick-or-treating experience in the historic Old Town plaza.

Other Events Around Town

Here are some fun Halloween happenings in and around Albuquerque throughout the month of October!

Most importantly, stay healthy and have fun!

Whatever your family chooses to do this Halloween, we hope that you make some special memories.

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Fun Ideas for a COVID-Safe, Socially Distanced Halloween

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