Father’s Day Gift Ideas


The third Sunday of the month is dedicated to our wonderful, superhero dads! Let’s take a minute to acknowledge all the dad responsibilities from being super strong like Thor, smart like Iron Man or fast like the Flash. Here are some gift ideas to make dad’s day special.

Father's Day Gift IdeasFor the “Thor” Dad:

Personalized Hammer – I found this little gem on Etsy, and this one on Amazon. I know my husband loves a good project. And you have never seen my boys so excited as when they get to build something with their dad.

Hammer Multitool – We all know dads like to be prepared. This tool is good for camping, hiking, or just keeping in the car for whenever the need arises.

Thor Hammer ToolA Thor hammer that’s actually full of useful items? Perfect for any Marvel fan!

For the mighty strong “Hulk” Dad:

Protein Powder – Stock up on his favorite, or try out this one!

Adjustable Dumbbell Set – A smart solution for the dad who likes to work out at home. This dumbbell set will save him from driving to the gym, and we all know dads don’t have a lot of free time!

Multifunction Push-Up BoardThis board can be used in a lot of different ways and will totally up his home workout game.

For the dad with Ratatouille skills:

Food Thermometer – like this one from ThermoWorks. This is great for the dad who loves to grill! Summer grilling has been a fun way to get my whole family outside enjoying some time together.

Local Seasonings from Los Poblanos Farm Shop – Look on their website for some great foodie gift ideas or head down to the farm shop and see for yourself.

Captain America ApronThis apron is bound to make grilling more fun.

Rockstar Grill Set – For the musician dad, you can’t go wrong with this grill set.

Other Great Ideas:

QALO ring – These silicone rings are great for the dad who wants to wear his wedding band while getting a workout in or hiking our beautiful, desert trails.

LifeProof Phone Case – This handy case will save Dad’s phone if it falls in the river, onto a rock, or smacks the sidewalk while helping the kids learn to ride a bike.

Beer – Albuquerque is filled with great craft breweries! Why not get dad a growler of some of our local beer?

Lego Set – Legos aren’t just for kids. Honestly, these sets are FUN. Got a Batman fan? try this one.

Dad Questionnaire – I LOVE these things! There are many available online that you can print for free.

Still having trouble thinking of just the right gift? Maybe it’s not even a gift that he needs. Maybe he just needs to know that he is important. Valued. Loved. Appreciated. Maybe he just needs to know that he is a good dad and that you know it.

If you are looking for a fun outing to celebrate, check out these local happenings to celebrate Father’s Day in Albuquerque.

Originally published by Jessica Baca in 2016. Updated by Eena Attreya in 2022.

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