Elf on the Self: 5 Believable Excuses For No Movement


I used to think that incorporating the Elf on the Shelf to our family tradition would be fun. Turns out that the Elf is a lot more responsibility than I had originally thought. See the thing with this Elf on the Shelf business is the idea of it is great. But it can also be burdensome. Some may agree and some may disagree. But we can all agree to disagree that either way remembering to move the darn thing is the struggle.

That is why I have decided to pass along five excuses to help you get through this holiday. As soon as my kids are in bed, you can find me watching something on TV alone. The last thing I want to do is create a mess and try to find a new location for our beloved elf (also known as Tiny Tim). 

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Like any other person, I tend to forget things. Especially the elf. Over the past two years I’ve had my fair share of forgetfulness in regards to our elf. So I’ve come up with a few excuses along the way.

1. The elf was tired.

I use this excuse sparesly and only use it when I’ve had a rowdy day with the children. The excuse works perfectly because I tell them that they tired him out. When you’re tired, you can’t travel because accidents can happen. My toddler was okay with the answer, but my then nine-year-old had to think about that one. (I also wonder if she still believes or pretends to believe for me…) 

2. Car trouble.

I told my kids one year that our elf was having car trouble. He was so stressed about his meeting with Santa that he didn’t move. Once the sun is up, he has to stay. For this excuse, a note might be good to seal the deal. My toddler asked what kind of car he drove. I told him an elf motorcycle. He thought that was cool.

3. The elf got stuck.

This one is a good one if you hang the elf from somewhere high. Or if he’s sticking out of somewhere. Just say that his elf suit got caught on something. I even seal the deal more by saying, “Poor thing must’ve stayed here all night with no food.” The kids get sympathetic and want to bring him breakfast.

4. Time Change.

This one works well for us who live in New Mexico since we have our daylight savings in November. I have to use this excuse early in December. I tell the kids the elf forgot to adjust his watch to our time and that’s why he didn’t move. He’s on Santa time. Santa time is slower than our time. I’ll talk to him and make sure that he has the correct time for tomorrow. 

5. He wanted to watch a movie.

This one tends to work perfect for our family. My kids know that after they go to bed, my husband likes to watch TV or a movie. I tell them, “Looks like another late night for dad and the elf.” I tell them that they were watching a movie and looks like it was a late one. They then run off and ask their dad a billion questions. I have to follow behind to give my husband the excuse look.

Elf. Albuquerque Moms BlogBurdensome, but Memorable

Now these excuse are not unbelievably wild, but they are enough to be believable. Who knew that this little elf could create such chaotic and yet memorable moments for our family. As much as I complain about this elf, my sentiments of sharing these moments with my kids is fun. I’m not over the top with hiding places like some of the ones on Pinterest. But I try to incorporate every room when I remember too. (I’ve used places twice because I forgot.)

So remember that taking in an elf this holiday season is a huge responsibility. One that doesn’t come lightly, but will definitely spread cheer for your family. So let me know your excuses. Let’s bring our ideas together this holiday season and get through our Elf on the Shelf dilemmas together.