Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts


Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts

I’m the type of person that loves having some decorations around for every holiday. This year, I decided to create my own Valentine’s Day decorations using items I mainly found from The Dollar Tree. They are easy to make and a fun activity to do with the kids.

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Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Vase

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts

What you need:

  • Mason jar or used jar (remove any labels)
  • Pink acrylic paint or any color you prefer
  • Twine

This one takes very little time. Paint the outside of the jar and let dry. Tie a piece of twine around the neck of the jar and fill with water/flowers.

Family Love Decoration

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts

What you need:

  • Valentine’s Day block sign (I got mine at Dollar Tree), or paint your own with a plain wood block
  • White, pink, or red paint
  • Wooden peg people (I got mine at Michael’s), or create your own with wooden rectangular blocks and large beads
  • Hot glue gun

I painted the top of the block sign so it wouldn’t be the same color as the peg people. This step isn’t necessary though. Then, paint the wooden peg people. I used red for my husband and son and pink for my daughter and me. After the paint dries, hot glue the peg people to the top of the block sign.

Kissing Booth Candy Container

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts

What you need:

  • Kissing booth décor item (I found this at the Dollar Tree, but you can use popsicle sticks to create the same effect)
  • Small wood craft crate
  • Paint color of your choosing
  • Embellishments for decoration (I found wooden hearts and words at the Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hershey’s kisses

Paint the wooden crate and let dry. If you are creating your own kissing booth sign, paint the popsicle sticks and let dry. Hot glue the popsicle sticks together to form a sign (two horizontally and one vertically on each side). Glue the sign to the wooden crate. Add any other decorations like stickers or wooden shapes. Fill the crate with Hershey’s kisses.

Enjoy your affordable Valentine’s Day crafts!

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