ABQ Mom Guide To Obscure Holidays in May


Guide to May Obscure Holidays

Finding the fun in each day can be a struggle. Maybe you are out of ideas and all of your creativity has been used up–enter national holidays. Check out these daily activities by celebrating each of these fun, obscure holidays. I mean nobody has to tell me twice to take part in No Pants Day.

Thank you to Lil’ Kickers for brining us this guide. Lil’ Kickers has even more fun for us! See below.

“We know kids. And we know they are probably bouncing off the walls right now. So we’ve created a weekly video series aimed at helping kids stay active, burn off some energy, and keep up their skills. The videos feature staff teaching an age-appropriate skill-building activity that kids can do at home, as well as a fun non-soccer activities.” Get the videos here! 

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Here are some National Days and Obscure Holidays that are happening this month + ideas for how we can celebrate.

May 1: No Pants Day 

Let’s be real. I have barely worn pants throughout this quarantine. BUT today you can tell any and everybody, that you are celebrating!

May 2: National Brothers and Sisters Day

One of my favorite things is looking at old photos. A trend that has taken over is recreating old family photos and it is hilarious. Social Distancing from your siblings? Try to recreate them with your kiddos!

May 3: National Paranormal Day

New Mexico is home to MANY paranormal sites. Whether you believe or not, looking into the history can be super interesting and a lot of fun! Take a tour in your car of these locations.

May 4: Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you. If you are a big Star Wars family or need something new to binge (thank you Disney+), this might be the holiday for you! Check out how one of our contributors celebrates Star Wars Day 

May 5: Cinco De Mayo 

Cinco De Mayo is on a Taco Tuesday. What could be more perfect? You’ve got the tacos covered. You’ve got the margaritas covered. Try out this Mexican street corn recipe.

May 6: National Nurses Day

There is not a time that we have needed, loved, and appreciated our nurses more than we do now. And Mama nurses, we are behind you. Have you seen our latest moms on the frontline?

May 7: National Cosmopoliton Day

Carrie Bradshaw is somewhere smiling. Grab your computer, make your own cosmo, and zoom with you closest gal pals.

May 8: No Socks Day

We already covered no pants, plus the heat has hit ABQ. Take those socks off and chiiilllll.

May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day

So after we took our socks off we might have lost them. And thats ok. Today we have a moment of peace for all of our (+ our toddlers) lost socks.

May 10: National Clean Your Room Day

Ok let’s get real. It’s Mother’s Day. THE REALEST HOLIDAY. But maybe, just maybe your kids and partner can celebrate by cleaning their room. There’s a gift!

May 11: Eat What You Want Day

Mother’s Day extended– what are you hungry for? EAT IT. Don’t want to cook? Check out our guide to take out family meals. 

May 12: National Limerick Day

A limerick isn’t just a riddle, and it’s not just a poem. Grab the fam and try a fun limerick exercise from Scholastic.

May 13: National Apple Pie Day

Mmmm say no more. Pre-made, homemade, shake form, whatever it may be, enjoy that pie!

May 14: Dance Like A Chicken Day 

I mean, nothing could be more fun than shaking your sillies out and getting your chicken dance on. Want to take it a step further? Download TikTok and create a fun memory you won’t forget.

May 15: National Pizza Party Day

Fridays are always pizza nights in this house; we’ve made it a fun little tradition. This year National Pizza Party day falls on a Friday. Add in a movie, eat it outside, make your own party hats, and celebrate the tastiest (and easiest) dinner ever!

May 16: National Mimosa Day

Brunch anyone? Grab that OJ, get some champs, or sparkling cider for the kiddos, have a late breakfast, and make a day date with the fam.

May 17: Pack Rat Day

You can celebrate this one of two ways. Cleaning up all that stuff that you’ve been hoarding for years (old prom dresses anyone?) OR celebrate your pack rat ways by appreciating all the things you’ve saved over the years.

May 18: No Dirty Dishes Day

Husband? Kids? You’re up! 

May 19: National Endangered Species Day

Animals are big in this household. What an opportunity to teach our littles all about the environment and how we can protect our furry friends. Try picking an endangered animal of New Mexico and learning more about it!

May 20: National Be A Millionaire Day

Um, where do I sign up?

May 21: Talk Like Yoda Day

Talk like Yoda whole family does. Use that object-subject-verb language all day long– let the laughter ensue.

May 22: World Goth Day

I think emo might bethe more appropriate term. Who didn’t at one point or another go through a little “goth” phase? To find out which type of emo you are take this quiz.

May 23: World Turtle Day

Draw turtles. Act like a turtle. Watch a movie about turtles. Read a turtle book. Today’s a day to celebrate the turtle

May 24: International Tiara Day

Girl, get that tiara. I don’t care if your hair is unwashed or if you’re in your jammies all day. Put that tiara on and own it like the queen you are.

May 25: National Tap Dance Day

You don’t need the shoes to become an expert tap dancer. Learn the basics on this video. 

May 26: National Paper Airplane Day

Take it back old school and teach those kiddos how to make the coolest paper airplanes.  Then it’s time for a race!

May 27: National Sunscreen Day

Spend some extra time outside today– just don’t forget the sunscreen!

May 28: National Hamburger Day

Load up the grill or check out your favorite fast food joint. Nothing says summer is coming like burgers on the patio.

May 29: Learn About Composting Day

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Learn more about how to compost with the whole family.

May 30: My Bucket’s Got A Hole Day

Never heard of it? Check out this.

May 31: National Macaroon Day

Finish the month off by perfecting a new recipe- -and feeling fancy (break back out that tiara) and try to make your own macaroons

Enjoy celebrating these obscure, fun holidays!

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