5 Fun Things To Do Before Halloween


There are so many ways to celebrate or participate in Halloween activities. From crafts to baking, there are loads of great ideas to choose from.

Here are five fun activities that you and your family can do before Halloween.

1. Pumpkin Pizza

Pumpkin Pizza

Making pizza is a great hands-on activity. Prior to this year, we have never made a “pumpkin pizza,” but because we are trying to find extra things to do due to Covid, this was one way to cheer the whole family up. We made our dough, dyed our butter, and decorated our blank canvas with lots of delicious toppings. The kids will have fun participating in the pizza-making process and eating it of course.

2. Halloween Piñatas

Need another entertaining idea? Create your own piñata. This idea came from my talented cousin. She is constantly finding ways to be creative and innovative with her family. It’s one thing I admire, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Halloween Piñata
Photo Credit: Veronica Aguilar

3. Walk in the Bosque

There is nothing like taking a family walk in the bosque especially when the leaves change. The colors are so beautiful this time of year, and it can give you a different sense of appreciation. I always want to take opportunities to reconnect with family in nature.

4. Pumpkin Patches

There are many fun places to go and visit local pumpkin patches. We are lucky to have a few amazing options. Check out this Guide to Pumpkin Patches.

5. Carve or Paint Pumpkins

Carving and painting pumpkins are such fun traditions. It’s one of those activities that seems like you can’t do without. From small pumpkins to large pumpkins, no matter how you decorate it, the end result is a spectacular sight.

Carving Pumpkins

No matter how you celebrate this year, may it be filled with lots of joy, fun treats, and loads of imagination. What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

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Originally published October 2020.

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