12 Days of Christmas Savings

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It may be difficult for some to believe that we’re already in week two of December! 

If you’re like most, chances are you’re checking your holiday shopping list (maybe twice). Perhaps you’ve completed everything, or . . . maybe you haven’t even started. Either way, here is a list of 12 Days of Savings that can help you save some extra money during the most wonderful time of the year:

1) Shop online.

Depending on your total, you may qualify for free shipping as well. Take advantage of coupon finders such as honey, which will search the site for the best deals for you! Shopping from home will also save you money on gas and, not to mention, spare some of the holiday stress and frenzy at the mall.

2) Set aside some money in a Certificate Deposit and watch your money grow.

This option does require a bit of planning before utilizing the funds you accumulate. A CD is a safe and dependable way to increase your funds at a set rate over the length of the term. Spare change for next year’s Christmas gifts? Done.

3) Make an active effort to write down each person you’re gifting to, along with a budget for each person (and stick to it).

After you’ve completed shopping for one individual, cross them off your list and move on to the next.

4) Who doesn’t love double points on cashback when you’re already spending money?

With the METAL Holiday CashBack, you’ll get 2X the cashback that never expires. Good for you, the gift of giving counts twice as much!

5) If you’re having a holiday get-together, consider asking your guests to bring one item to share with everyone, making the event potluck style.

This will save you, the host, from spending an exuberant amount on party food and drinks.

6) Give an act of service and kindness. Gifts don’t have to have a monetary value to mean something special.

Consider getting creative by making or printing a book of coupons to give your loved one, and fill the book with some of the following ideas:
·       A thorough house cleaning
·       Having laundry done once a week for a month (and folded!)
·       A homemade dinner and movie night
·       An uninterrupted evening of watching the kids (so you can catch up on your favorite show)

7) It’s inevitable that you’ll be spending a little bit more this month if you plan on purchasing gifts.

When you use your US Eagle CashBack Debit Card on any of these purchases, you’ll start accumulating cashback that’s credited directly to your member savings account.

8) If you’re looking for some last-minute holiday décor ideas or a tablescape for Christmas dinner, consider stopping by a local dollar store.

You can buy colorful ribbons, candles and vases, ornaments, and artificial flowers for a low cost.

9) The holiday months may come up on us quickly, not unlike payment due dates for high interest loans and credit cards.

Consider consolidating debt with one personal loan. Loan rates are subject to credit approval, but it may be worth looking into if you could potentially save hundreds in interest payments every month.

10) Let’s be honest.

When we go holiday shopping for others, we tend to gravitate toward items we might envision for ourselves. Resist the urge to self-gift, even though it might be tempting. Throughout your shopping trip, remind yourself to stay on track with the list of people you came here for.

11)  You may notice spending a bit more on dining and takeout during the holidays.

Why not save $5 here and there when you order pizza or Chinese? With the Perks ® Plus, you’ll get coupons on local restaurants and other establishments just by having a checking account with us!

12) Reduce, reuse, regift.

It’s perfectly alright to give a loved one a handmade or regifted item if you feel it would better fit that person. In the season of giving, it never hurts to downsize, gift, or donate the things we no longer need.

Happy holidays from US Eagle!


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