The Great Thing About Enchiladas


Really, the great thing about enchiladas is EVERYTHING! When you’re not sure what to put on the table for dinner (who am I kidding…for ANY meal really!), enchiladas are a great way to go. You can’t live in New Mexico and not be familiar with at least one favorite type of enchilada.
enchiladas, ABQ Mom

Enchiladas are versatile and can be adjusted to fit so many diets and desires. Here are my top THREE enchilada choices:

  1. The Enchilada Casserole


The enchilada casserole itself is hugely versatile. Some people make each piece of the enchilada in corn tortilla rolls and smother the entire thing with delicious chile sauce and cheese. Others fry the corn tortillas and lay all the ingredients in flat layers to bake (like lasagna). Others skip the frying and just put all the ingredients into a dish and bake it up together.
I have yet to meet an enchilada that did not have some delicious fact about it. There are so many ways to enjoy enchiladas. I’ve made rolled, black bean enchiladas for my family. I still remember the first time I enjoyed Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas with Green AND Red Chile (Christmas) one beautiful summer evening on an outdoor patio in Albuquerque. My own enchiladas don’t hold a candle to those…but they are still pretty awesome. I personally enjoy cheese enchiladas with red chile. My family prefers green chile chicken enchiladas.

2. Nacholadas

After creating enchiladas themselves, I REALLY enjoy the leftovers. One family favorite is Nacholadas. It’s a cross between Nachos and Enchiladas and is the perfect meal due to its crunch AND a delicious mix of flavors. You start with a layer of your favorite corn tortilla chip. As you probably guessed from my Sex and Doritos post, I prefer Doritos. Next, you add a layer of leftover enchiladas and any other side dish you enjoy with the meal (beans, rice, etc.). You could leave it at that and be super impressed. But I like to throw salad mixings, a favorite cheese, and a little bit of Dion’s Ranch dressing on top of that. Nacholadas are super delicious and fun to eat!

3. Eggchiladas






Eggchiladas are super quick and easy to make, and they taste AMAZING. Start by frying two corn tortillas in a little bit of olive oil. Then fry two eggs. (You can cook the eggs to your liking…scrambled, poached, sunny-side up, etc.). Layer the corn tortilla, the egg, and your choice of cheese on a plate. My husband enjoys them just like that. I like mine with red chile and guacamole.

There are SO many great ways to enjoy this delicious concept. How do you like your enchiladas? Do you enjoy them in a flat casserole or rolled? Are yours smothered with red, green, or Christmas? Do you like them with or without onions?

What other debates have you had about the way enchiladas should be made? (I know there are debates…I’ve been part of a fair few and no one ever wins! I’m telling you, there’s something great about them all.)

Whether it’s your mother-in-law’s favorite enchilada casserole or a new dish you’ve made up yourself, please share your favorite here! I want to try them all (not all at once, I promise).

Originally published July 2020


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