What to Do With Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Leftovers


Anyone else out there just SO over their kids’ Halloween candy obsession? After a day or two of the constant, “Can I have a piece of candy?” requests, I’m ready to just throw it all away. Does that make me sound awful? Maybe…

I’m not insanely strict when it comes to treats, but if my daughter had it her way, she’d live off a candy-only diet for weeks following Halloween. The daily battle over how much candy she is allowed to consume gets old fast, so this year I’m planning ahead. Here are a few fun ideas, if you’re ready to ditch the candy and move on with your life, too.

Halloween Candy Leftovers Albuquerque Moms Blog

Bake With It

A simple Google search will elicit endless results for recipes made with all varieties of popular Halloween candies. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to bake with your kiddos, which is always fun!

Craft With It

We’ve all tasted Skittles’ rainbow… but why not make a rainbow out of Skittles, paper and glue? Or, use some graham crackers and frosting and make your own mini “gingerbread” houses for fun. Of course, if you’re going to craft with candy, it’s pretty much a given that everyone will be snacking while they work.

Make a Bargain With the “Switch Witch”

A friend just turned me on to the “Switch Witch” last week. The basic concept is this: After a couple days enjoying their loot, your kids can leave their candy for the Swtich Witch to take home. In return, she leaves them a toy of their choice. It’s kinda like leaving the cookies out for Santa, or the tooth for the tooth fairy. I might actually give this one a try this year!

Halloween candy, AlbuquerqueDonate It

My MOMS Club chapter has done a Halloween candy donation for the past several years in a row. We donate to Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to U.S. Troops, but there are other organizations out there as well. You could technically combine the Switch Witch and donation ideas into one. Switch Witch takes the candy one day, and then you pop it in the mail the next!

So: Do you limit your kids’ Halloween candy consumption? Whatever you decide to do (or not do) with your kids’ Halloween candy this year, don’t forget to sneak a few pieces for yourself!