How to Sneak More Veggies on Your Breakfast Plate


The USDA recommends three servings of vegetables per day, but most of us were not reaching this daily goal even before the Rona showed up in our lives.

So here are some easy ways to sneak vegetables into your breakfast and start your day off on the right track. You can include veggies into your breakfast, regardless of whether you want a sweet or savory meal.

Step 1: Survive the Grocery Store

Momma, let’s be real! Nowadays we have to survive the grocery store to stay safe and feed our families. Try having your grocery list prepared ahead of time with all the recipes with veggies you want to try. If you can, try stores that you can order groceries for pick up to make your life a little easier and avoid having to go inside the store period.

Step 2: Prep Your Veggies Right Away

Once you survive the grocery store, try to wash your veggies and prep them right away for the recipes you have planned out. Use glass containers to keep washed, cut veggies fresher longer in the fridge. In the morning, it will be much easier to grab and sneak those veggies in vs letting your veggies go to waste.

Step 3: Try Combo Recipes & Feel like a Champ

We know champions have to train and prepare for tough times. I feel like that is what we are doing these days too. Below are super simple breakfast recipes you can sneak veggies into. Once you get through Step 1 and Step 2, knock your recipes out you will defiantly feel like a champ!

Now try these breakfast ideas out & get it, momma!

Breakfast Veggie Fritters

Veggie fritters are basically mini pancakes. You can make them with a variety of different vegetables, but grated carrots, zucchini, and sweet potatoes are the most popular and work really well.

All you have to do is mix the grated vegetables with eggs (or egg replacement if you are vegan) and flour, then fry them in the pan with coconut oil or grapeseed oil. These pair perfectly with a side of berries.

Loaded Veggie Breakfast Omelet or Scramble

If you like having eggs for breakfast, making a loaded veggie omelet or scramble is an easy way to eat lots of vegetables first thing in the morning. Bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms go well with eggs. If you don’t eat eggs, you can replace them with tofu for the same idea. Most omelets call for a minimal amount of vegetables to help the omelet stay intact; however, don’t be afraid to load up on the veggies and make it more of a scramble.

Breakfast Zucchini Oats

Another option for sweet breakfasts is making zucchini oats. It might sound like a weird combination, but it adds some vegetables to your oatmeal without adding any taste. Simply spiralize half a zucchini and cook it into your oats.

You can also add sweet potatoes or butternut squash and drizzle a bit of honey and cinnamon—if you season them right, these two veggies can actually taste really sweet and quite delicious.

Let’s be real as well. If you don’t have time to try the ideas above, try veggie snacks with some green hummus for breakfast. You can reach out to me for more recipe ideas and try my 2 Tips for Smart Snacking. Now go sneak your veggies in momma!


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